Why Vehicle Storage Facility Security is Important

The Importance of Automotive Storage Facility Security

There are many reasons why choosing the right vehicle storage facility security method is so important. Customers expect that their vehicles will be protected when they choose a storage location. If your site suffers a breach and vehicles are damaged or stolen, you could be dealing with not just angry customers, but also potential liability and insurance issues. 

Why Vehicle Storage Facility Security is Important

There can also be significant damage to your business’ reputation. A vehicle storage facility is supposed to be safe and secure. If it’s not, customers may be unwilling to use your business, and this can spread through word of mouth. The result can be significant harm done to your brand.

Therefore, it’s crucial to take the right steps to protect your property. This means you will have to not only understand the importance of security but the importance of the right automobile storage facility security. 

Understanding the Different Automotive Storage Facility Security Options

There are many different services you can use to protect your auto storage facility. However, these are not all created equal. By learning about them, and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, you can make the right choice for your business. 

  • Alarm Systems
    • Alarm systems are a common type of vehicle storage facility security. These systems are typically designed to sound an alarm (either an audible one or a silent one) when a trouble condition occurs (such as a door being opened, a window is broken, etc.).
    • However, a potential issue with alarm systems is that they react to a crime. They don’t take any proactive steps to prevent crimes from happening. Even in situations where the alarm system is designed to signal a central monitoring station, it is still reacting passively.
    • Criminals act fast, and they could be in and out of the site with a stolen vehicle before anyone responds to the alarm. Even if they aren’t, they will likely cause significant – and costly – damage to the property before they are stopped.
  • Security Guards
    • Security guards are another popular type of automobile storage facility security. Unlike alarm systems, guards can take proactive steps to prevent crimes before they happen.
    • However, security guards can’t be everywhere at once. In addition, criminals know when guards are watching them. If they see that a guard is distracted or notice that the guard has walked to another area, they will take this opportunity to strike.
    • Also, the unfortunate reality exists that criminals sometimes use threats of violence to intimidate or harm onsite guards.
  • Key Fobs and Cards
    • Key fobs and access cards are often used as vehicle storage facility security. Many customers like them because they make it easy to get in and out of the site.
    • However, fobs can be lost or stolen, and it could be some time before anyone notices that they’re missing. During this time, criminals can potentially use these tools to gain access to the site
  • Live Remote Monitoring
    • Live remote monitoring systems involve cameras, two-way speakers, sirens, artificial intelligence (AI), and other tools that let trained security guards watch over the entire site at all times.
    • Agents monitor the site 24/7 and respond to potential threats before they happen. If they see any suspicious activity, they can use the speakers to inform the person that they are being watched and tell them that police will be called if they do not leave the site immediately. This prevents crimes from happening, which is significantly more powerful than reacting to crimes that have already occurred.
    • Live agents can also provide access control and parking management. Instead of using unsafe fobs and cards, agents can see everyone who requests entry as they pull up to the gate. They can verify their identity, match their face to their ID card, and confirm that they are authorized to enter.
    • They can also use the camera system to follow everyone as they move throughout the site and react if anything suspicious occurs. 

For more information on live remote monitoring and details on how it drastically improves automotive storage facility security, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.