4 Main Reasons Why You Should Outsource Security Guard Services

Reasons to Outsource Security Guard Services

Security is important and security guard services are one method that many business owners use to keep their properties safe.

Reasons to Outsource Security Guard Services

Security guards can be a strong way to protect a location since they are an active security service. This means guards can take steps to intervene in a situation and prevent a crime from happening.

For instance, a guard who spots someone lurking outside a gate can work to resolve the situation before the criminal can break into the property. This is different than an alarm system, for instance, which will likely only sound once a crime is already underway. If a security guard can stop a crime before it begins, this will prevent a lot of damage to your property as well as a lot of hassle.

Of course, security guard duties are involved, and the job is complex. For this reason, many companies outsource guard services. This can make a lot of sense. If you’re asking “why outsource security guard services at your business?”, there are several reasons.

  • Saving money
    • Setting up your own security guard services at your business can be incredibly costly. By outsourcing your security guard services, your business will likely be able to spend less.
    • For instance, the start up costs associated with operating in-house guards are significant. When this position is outsourced, the security company has already paid these costs and you are able to avoid these expenses.
  • Easier administration
    • When you work with a security guard company, they handle all the administration issues, such as hiring, training, scheduling, and other aspects that are time consuming and often complicated.
  • Flexibility
    • If you hire guards from a security guard service, you’re able to use exactly the number of guards you need at any given time and this number can change depending on the circumstances.
    • For example, if you’re holding an event and require additional security, outsourcing makes it possible to temporarily increase the size of your team with ease.
  • Expertise
    • As mentioned, security guard roles are complex and quite involved. Rather than having to start from scratch, and set up the entire system yourself, outsourcing makes it possible for you to have an experienced and effective team working at your site from day one.

Potential Downsides to Working with Security Guard Services

While security guard teams can be a strong option for security, there are potential weak points to working with guards as well:

  • Security guards can’t be everywhere at once, and they can’t see an entire property at once on their own
  • Guards can potentially be distracted or intimidated by criminals
  • For larger properties and more complicated situations, many guards are often needed to keep the site secure. This typically involves considerable cost.

The cost of working with a security guard service can be one of the more significant potential issues. To protect a property 24/7, a business typically needs to have many guards on site at all times.

Obviously, the more guards that are working at a site, the greater the cost. This is true whether you are operating your own in-house security team or if you outsource security guard services.

Alternatives to Security Guard Teams

Organizations that are looking to reduce costs may want to consider the alternatives to security guards. As mentioned, one of the strongest benefits of working with guards is that they are a proactive security solution.

Unlike tools such as alarm systems, security guards can watch for suspicious situations and react to them to prevent crimes. If you are looking to replace security guards with another solution, this aspect needs to be replaced as well. Otherwise, you are looking at an inferior level of security.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

Live remote monitoring services can provide the same high level of security as traditional onsite guards, and it can do so at a cost that is typically lower. In addition:

  • Live monitoring agents are able to see an entire property at all times, thanks to onsite cameras
  • Remote agents cannot be intimidated or distracted by criminals. No matter the conditions, remote security professionals can do their jobs at full capacity.
  • Even the largest properties can be safely and effectively monitored by remote video monitoring agents, often at a lower cost than working with guards.

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