Best 24/7 CCTV Video Monitoring Service and How it Works

Why 24-Hour Surveillance Systems Are So Effective

When it comes to security, few options are as powerful as 24×7 CCTV monitoring services. That’s because actively monitoring a property gives you the ability to notice suspicious situations and stop them from progressing into crimes. The most important part of that statement is “actively monitoring.” 24-hour surveillance is significantly more effective when live agents are always monitoring the cameras.

Why 24/7 CCTV Monitoring Works

Criminals cause damage when they strike a property. They break through doors or windows, cut through gates, and generally cause problems. If you don’t stop a criminal before they get in, you’ll need to deal with this damage even if nothing is stolen.

Fixing damage caused by criminals is expensive. It also takes time. You could end up having to work around damaged areas or repairs for quite a while before everything is fixed. This will be a detriment to overall business operations as well as a potential security risk. Avoiding such a situation is obviously preferable.

Live monitored cameras can achieve this goal.

Another fact that makes 24-hour video surveillance so important is that criminals operate quickly. Most know that they can avoid security guards, alarm systems, and police if they can get in without anyone seeing them. Even if an alarm sounds at that point, or if they’re spotted by security, they can get what they’re looking for and leave the property before they can be caught.

When you have 24/7 CCTV monitoring tools being actively watched by a security team, criminals can be spotted before they cause any damage. This means the damage can be prevented and the criminals will be deterred before they can strike.

Why 24/7 CCTV Video Monitoring Works

Unmonitored cameras simply record evidence that can be used later. Unfortunately, in these cases, the criminals have already struck. This means they will likely have stolen assets or damaged property in the process, which is costly for the business, not to mention that damage is often time-consuming to repair.

Criminals know that unmonitored cameras aren’t watched until after a situation has occurred. They also know that the chances of them being identified and then caught are also quite low, especially if they can conceal their identity. Many criminals wear hoods, masks, or scarves to make it more difficult for them to be identified on video.

If they can get in and out of a property without being stopped, it’s unlikely they will be caught later and held accountable for their crimes. Therefore, may criminals act fast. A lot of crimes are over in just a few minutes so that the criminal can leave before anyone can stop them.

Live remote monitoring systems can change this. These systems work by having a trained security team always watch over a property, meaning there is 24-hour surveillance. Cameras can be installed so that agents can see the entire property, both inside and out.

When cameras are monitored, you receive true 24-hour remote video surveillance. If anything, unexpected happens at the property, monitoring agents can respond immediately using the many tools available to them. Remote video monitoring services offer more than just 24×7 CCTV monitoring.

The systems also include two-way speakers, lights, and other sensors (such as temperature sensors) that give monitoring agents a full picture of the situation at a property and the ability to proactively intervene.

These tools make it possible for remote agents to react and prevent crimes. For example, if an agent notices that someone is acting suspicious and walking around the gates of a yard, looking for a way in, they can use the two-way speaker system to deter this person. The agent can talk directly to the person, letting them know that they can being watched.

They can then tell them that they must leave the property immediately and that police will be called if they do not.

This has many benefits:

  1. The first is that the criminal becomes aware that they are not only being watched, but that they are being watched by live agents. As mentioned, criminals typically aim to get in and out a property without being seen. Once they know they’re being watched, they will likely think twice about committing a crime.
  2. Another benefit is that criminals are much less likely to strike if they think police will be called before they can even get into a site. Again, the reason for this comes down to speed. Criminals know that if the police are called after they get into a property, they may not arrive at the site on time to catch them. However, if they’re called before the criminal even strikes, this greatly increases the likelihood of them showing up in time to make an arrest.

Comparing 24×7 CCTV Video Monitoring to Other Security Tools

As mentioned, monitored cameras have a distinct advantage over those that are unmonitored. They also have a significant advantage over alarm systems for the same reason. With an alarm system, even one that is designed to contact the police as soon as the alarm sounds, you only receive an alert and action is only taken once a crime has already been committed. These systems don’t stop criminals from striking.

Another issue with alarm systems is the likelihood of false alarms. Unfortunately, some alarm systems can be triggered quite easily. For this reason, some police departments will give calls a lower priority if the alarm is not verified by security guards or monitoring agents. When you have a monitored alarm system in place, agents can provide the police with details about the situation as it happens.

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This helps the police prepare for the scene and it can also potentially cause them to place a higher priority on the call.

When comparing 24-hour surveillance systems to security guards, a few major differences stand out. The first is that cameras and monitoring systems can provide 100% coverage of a property. Cameras and other sensors are versatile enough to be placed nearly anywhere, giving agents a complete view of the location. With guards, covering every inch of a property is quite difficult if not impossible.

Security Guards can’t be everywhere at once and this leaves holes in your security.

Most businesses who use guards have a guard stationed at each entrance. Some may also have guards walking throughout the property. However, even this level of security has holes. Guards cannot be everywhere at once and they cannot see everything at once. Monitored security cameras can.

This is also important when it comes to low light situations or security during the night. Most people have difficulty seeing at night and this includes security guards. However, surveillance cameras can capture clear footage even in dark conditions. This means agents will always be able to see what’s happening at a property.

security guards vs remote video monitoring solutions

Another potential issue is the possibility of guards being distracted, overwhelmed, or even intimidated by criminals. For example, an armed criminal could threaten or overpower a guard. The same is true for large groups of criminals. If several criminals converge on a scene at once, they could easily outnumber security guards.

With remote monitoring, agents would be able to see these criminals as they approach the property and before they can cause damage. They can then immediately act and even contact the police if necessary.

Choosing the Right 24/7 Surveillance

As mentioned, there are many benefits to live monitoring services and 24-7 CCTV monitoring. However, finding the right option for your property is still important.

When you’re speaking with providers, ask them:

  • How their tools work?
  • Where will the cameras be positioned?
  • How much of the property will be monitored?
  • What services do the security agents perform?

In many cases, remote security teams can do more than just watch over a site.

In addition to 24-hour surveillance, remote monitoring systems can also provide other services, such as access control, parking management, inspection enforcement, and much more.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

This means your business will receive a comprehensive solution that won’t just keep your property secure, but that will also ensure safety as well as increased efficiency.

Agents can even monitor a property to spot protocol violations or safety risks and communicate with those on site to correct these issues.

Ask any providers you are speaking with if these are options they can provide.

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