What Is A Mobile Video Monitoring and Surveillance?


The Parts of a Mobile Surveillance System & How They Work

A mobile surveillance system is an excellent way to protect a construction site or other industrial property that may only require security for a period of time. These systems are not permanent. They are self-contained security solutions that are often used at temporary site. A major advantage of a digital mobile surveillance system is that it can work just about anywhere.

What Makes a Mobile Surveillance System Work

Many construction sites and other temporary industrial sites lack walls that cameras can be hung from. Mobile surveillance cameras can be attached to poles, walls, roofs, or nearly any other structure. This makes it possible to watch over a temporary site with the same thoroughness as a permanent site.

However, cameras are only part of a mobile surveillance security system.

What is a Mobile Surveillance System?

A mobile video surveillance system provides remote video monitoring to a temporary site, such as a construction site. This makes it possible to have security professionals watch over a site 24/7 without the need for a permanent set up.

In general, a mobile surveillance system includes:

Mobile CCTV surveillance cameras

As mentioned, at a temporary site, these cameras can be installed on poles, roofs, or other locations
Camera set-ups can incorporate pan-tilt-zoom cameras (PTZ), dome cameras, or box cameras, depending on the situation. The cameras will be selected based on the specific requirements of the site. The cameras are designed to withstand all weather
Mobile surveillance cameras can capture clear video footage in many different conditions, including low-light situations. This gives them an advantage over other types of security (such as onsite guards), since cameras can “see” at night

Mobile surveillance trailers

For remote job sites or sites where electricity or internet are unstable or nonexistent, mobile surveillance trailers can be used
These trailers are completely self-sufficient, and they provide the mobile security system with everything it needs to function, no matter the situation or location

On-site speakers

In the event of a trouble condition (such as trespassing or other suspicious activity), security staff can issue a verbal warning. This may be enough to deter the person from any additional action
If the warning is not sufficient, staff can contact the local authorities, providing them with all the details they need about a situation

The Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Systems

There are many reasons to choose a mobile surveillance system. In fact, in many remote or temporary locations, mobile surveillance isn’t just the best option, it’s potentially the only option that provides effective security.

In the past, many organizations used a combination of unmonitored cameras and on-site security guards to protect properties like construction sites. These tools do provide security, but there are also many challenges to keeping a site safe this way.

Traditional on-site security guards cannot be in all areas of a property at once. A typical setup sees a guard stationed at the main entrance to a site and perhaps other guards at other entrances. There may also be guards walking throughout the property.

A potential issue here is that, even with several guards on the scene, criminals could potentially access the site without being noticed since guards can’t be everywhere at once. This becomes an even greater issue at night when it is difficult to see. There is also the potential cost of this type of security. It can quickly become very expensive to staff a site with multiple security guards 24/7.

Unmonitored cameras also have flaws, with the fact that they are unmonitored being the biggest. If a crime takes place, these cameras can capture evidence, but they don’t stop the incident from happening in the first place since no one is watching the cameras.

By the time you review the footage, your site could have sustained significant damage or loss. In general, unmonitored cameras don’t deter criminals as they know that no one is watching them. In addition, criminals know they can obscure their identities to make it tough to hold them responsible for their crimes afterwards.

Monitored video cameras and mobile security solutions eliminate these flaws. They are watched 24/7 by security professionals who can react immediately to situations and take steps to prevent crimes from happening. The cameras can also provide complete coverage of the site in all conditions, including during the night. For more information on how a mobile surveillance system can protect your property, please contact us today.