Choosing from Video Surveillance Security Companies


When it comes to protection from theft, vandalism, and other suspicious or criminal behaviour, video surveillance security companies are a great choice. However, choosing a live monitored service over one that is unmonitored makes a significant difference. Live remote monitoring services involve using cameras, two-way speakers, and other sensors to allow agents to monitor all activity happening at a property 24/7. Unmonitored cameras simply record evidence that can be used after the fact.

Comparing Video Surveillance Security Companies to Other Options

With a monitored system, security agents will be able to spot suspicious situations before they develop into crimes and use the tools they have at their disposal to deter criminals from striking. They can also contact police directly if a crime does occur, verifying that there is an emergency situation and giving them the details they need about the situation before they arrive on site.

If you are looking at different video surveillance security companies, it is important to know the benefits of remote monitoring compared to other types of cameras and other security options.

Comparing Video Surveillance Security Companies to Other Options

There are many options when it comes to security, but not all of these options provide equal protection. In general, security services can be broken down into two categories: passive and active. Passive security solutions tend to gather information and/or alert you of a crime after it has already happened.

For instance, an alarm system is a passive tool. It does not sound until a crime is in progress (for example, if a window is broken) and it cannot preemptively act to stop a suspicious situation before it turns into a crime.

Unmonitored cameras are another example of passive security. They can gather footage of a property and this video can be used as evidence in a crime or other unfortunate situation, but unmonitored cameras cannot take action to prevent crimes.

Active security solutions are ones that are able to notice suspicious situations and act on them before they turn more serious.

An example of an active tool is onsite security guards. Guards can spot situations that are out of the ordinary and take action before these instances turn into crimes. However, there are limits to what security guards can do:

  • No matter how many guards are at a property, it’s impossible for them to be everywhere at once. This means they can’t be watching every inch of a property at all times.
  • Security guards often have difficulty seeing at night or in certain weather conditions. This reduces their ability to spot suspicious activity.
  • Guards may be intimidated or overwhelmed by large groups of criminals or by criminals who are armed.

Monitored video surveillance is also an active security solution. When cameras and other security tools are monitored by trained security agents, they are able to:

  • Watch over the entirety of a property 24/7. Cameras can be installed nearly anywhere, allowing for full coverage by a monitoring system.
  • Cameras can capture clear footage even at night and in other low-light conditions.
  • Regardless of the situation or how many criminals are involved, the remote agent can use tools such as two-way speakers and lighting to alert criminals of their presence and deter crime. If necessary, the agent can contact the police and provide them all details of the crime in progress, which will likely place a higher priority on the call.

The Other Benefits of Using Video Surveillance Security Companies

Remote video monitoring can do more than just spot criminal activity. Monitoring agents can perform access control duties, handle parking enforcement, ensure that staff are complying with safety protocols, and much more. When you have trained professionals watching over your property at all times, you receive significant benefits.

For more information on remote monitoring and why it is a strong choice for your organization, please contact us today. Birdseye Security Solutions is a North American leader in video monitoring and facility supervision. We know that choosing between all the different video surveillance security companies can be difficult.

That’s why our team will be more than happy to speak with you and help you understand the service options available. We can help you find the right security tools for your needs and show you how remote video monitoring can be a powerful and cost-effective option for your business.

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