Truck Yard Security Solutions

Cameras, Key Fobs, Security Guards, and More for Truck Yard Security

Truck yard security is not only important, but it is something that is difficult to get right. There are many security options out there, and each has its own potential advantages and drawbacks. This leaves many truck yard operators unsure of which security methods to use.

Improving truck yard security is important. Cargo theft is a common crime, and it costs businesses a large amount of money. Find out what you can do to keep your yard safe.

Some of the most common tactics involve using surveillance cameras, security guards, and key fobs. By comparing these different methods, it becomes possible to choose the right option for your business.

Understanding Security Cameras

Security cameras have many advantages. They can be placed in nearly any location at a property, which means they can provide 100% coverage if located correctly. Most modern cameras can also capture high quality footage in almost all conditions, including at night when visibility is reduced.

However, there is a significant difference between cameras that are actively monitored and those that are not. If a camera is not actively monitored, it basically only provides value after the fact. These cameras can capture evidence of crimes, which can potentially be useful to police and insurance companies, but they don’t stop crimes from occurring nor do they catch suspicious behaviour early and allow for action before a crime happens.

Understanding Key Fobs for Access Control

The use of key fobs and access cards for truck security is common. Drivers and other authorized personnel can be given fobs or cards that allow them to access the yard and other sensitive areas. However, this system does not work effectively for third parties. It is logistically impossible to give everyone who may enter your yard a fob, since many will be occasional or even one-time visitors.

In addition, there is no way to know if the person who is using the fob is the person who is authorized to enter. Fobs can be lost, stolen, or copied. By the time an issue is noticed, the fob could fall into the wrong hands and be used for unauthorized entrance to the property.

Understanding Security Guards for Truck Yard Security

Security guards are another common truck yard security solution. Guards solve a lot of the problems associated with passive cameras and key fobs. However, they also come with their own set of potential challenges. The main one is that it is logistically and financially difficult to have guards everywhere at once.

In most trucking lots, security guards are stationed at entry points, typically the main entry gates as well as possibly at other entrances. These guards are responsible for access control. They ensure that only authorized people are able to enter the area and are often responsible for assigning parking spaces and other duties as well. In addition,  guards may walk throughout the property to watch for suspicious activity.

However, security guards cannot possibly watch all areas at once. They can also potentially be distracted, intimidated, or overwhelmed by intruders.

Cargo theft is a 5 billion dollar a year problem and costs half of North Americans more than double their health care bill. How could we let this problem get this far out of control? There are various answers to this question depending on who you ask, but if the law alone is not enough to stop this problem from occurring, what can the trucking community do to protect itself?

Comparing Truck Yard Security Solutions

Improving truck yard security is important. To learn how to protect a property, it’s important to understand its security weaknesses.

The following are characteristics of a yard that is “ripe for picking”. If your facility resembles anything as described below, this article should be a wake-up call, as you are probably being targeted right now! You’ll want to improve your truck yard security right away!

Here are the top four reasons why, and where, truck yard vulnerabilities lead to cargo theft.

  1. Gate Control:  No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, you will rarely leave your home’s front door unlocked. It’s not that you feel like you will be robbed immediately, it’s just that unknown visitors should knock before entering. The same is true at a truck yard.
    • Truck yards with unattended gates are not much safer than yards with no gates at all.  Driving through a gate requires little effort for most trucks, especially one that is stolen and attached to a trailer full of hot goods. Make sure you always have eyes on your gate and that everyone knows you do.
  2. Lighting:  Thieves run from light like insects. The very thought of having someone even potentially recognize them is often enough to have them reconsider their theft attempt.  Since there are hundreds of dark parking lots to choose from, the risk of stealing from a well-lit yard is deemed unnecessary to most bandits. A dark yard is a target. Adding lighting drastically reduces crime.
  3. Camera Coverage: Just a decade ago, outdoor night vision HD cameras could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Surveillance technology has come down significantly in price over the years and, as long as you have someone to watch them in real-time, cameras are a great investment.
    • Not only will you detect and deter trespassers, but you will also save a bundle on “mystery trailer damage”, but you’ll also reduce trespassing, theft, and other crimes.
    • Link your cameras to your dispatch room TV for maximum benefit, especially on those busy days.  Visibility is key and reduces your chance of theft immensely.
  4. Speakers:  Having a 300-watt stadium voice can be both empowering and fun – while being extremely frightening to trespassers! If you ever want to see a person break the world record for the 100-meter dash, install massive loud speakers, connect them to your dispatcher microphone, and yell “Get the *#!@ off my property!”.
    • Not only will you potentially deafen the once-brave soul, but you will also get to keep your expensive cargo. Loudspeakers are also a great way to remind drivers that slippers are not allowed, that PPE rules apply, and that other protocols must be followed.
    • Diligent safety personnel can also use loudspeakers to remind drivers to complete their circle checks.

Cargo theft continues to increase in many areas and there aren’t many signs that these crimes will slow down. The majority of carriers forecast expansion and additional need for secured parking spaces. To prevent being victimized, make sure that the parking facility you choose for your inventory considers security as their top priority.

Live remote monitoring keeps truck yards safe. When you have trained truck yard security staff watching over your property 24/7, you’ll be able to spot suspicious situations and intervene (using speakers or lighting, for example) to deter crimes before they happen.

24/7 monitoring teams can see every inch of your site at all times, which is often a drastic improvement to truck yards that are only secured by onsite guards or alarm systems.

How to Strengthen Truck Yard Security

Truck yard security is one of the biggest concerns for those operating truck and trailer companies. Theft, vandalism, and other crimes won’t just cost your company money, they can also cost you time. If something is stolen or damaged, it will need to be replaced or repaired.

This takes time and money. If the crime affects your ability to perform your work, then you could fall behind on deliveries or even be unable to get work done at all until repairs are completed. Such delays can harm the reputation of your business. In addition, cargo theft can also negatively affect your reputation. Clients want to work with trucking companies that are safe and secure.

However, while security is critical, so is keeping an eye on your bottom line. Any money that is spent on securing your yard is money that you don’t have to spend elsewhere. So, it’s important that you utilize a cost-effective solution that still keeps your property safe.

Understanding Truck Yard Security Threats

There are many different potential threats when operating a truck yard. Cargo theft is one of the most common. Criminals often attempt to break into truck yards to steal valuable cargo from trailers. These crimes can cost companies a lot of money in stolen goods, and they could affect your company’s reputation as well. As mentioned, clients want to work with companies that care about security and work to keep their yards safe. Cargo theft costs trucking companies in North America billions of dollars each year.

Another significant security threat is vandalism. While it may seem like a minor nuisance, not only can vandalism slow down the course of business (since you may need to wait while property is repaired or cleaned), but it can also lead to serious safety risks. If a truck or trailer is damaged by vandals, this damage may not be evident right away. That means a driver could end up taking damaged equipment on the road and risking injury in the process.

Furthermore, it is important to protect your property from liability as well as from potential national security issues. To ensure safety, it’s critical that trucks, trailers, and their cargo remain secure at all times and that operators can always be certain of their security.

How to Improve Safety & Security at your Trucking Yard

Since truck yard security is so important, it’s crucial that businesses establish a comprehensive security solution at their yards. This involves not only ensuring that access to the yard is controlled, but it also involves monitoring and protecting trucks, trailers, cargo, and more.

You need to make sure that only authorized personnel can enter the yard, that you know the actions and locations of those who enter, and you need to be able to watch all equipment and cargo at all times.

Remote video monitoring provides businesses with complete truck yard security.

When a remote monitoring system is set-up, cameras are placed at strategic locations in and around the property. Cameras can be installed so that monitoring agents can watch 100% of the yard, both inside and out.

Surveillance cameras that are actively monitoring have a significant advantage over those that are only viewed passively. If a crime occurs, monitoring staff can immediately respond to the situation, taking action before it gets worse. Passive cameras aren’t actively monitored and therefore can only capture evidence.

Since they aren’t being watched at all times, they are only useful after a crime has already happened. With active monitoring, agents can spot suspicious behaviour (such as people lurking around outside your gates) and act right away, stopping a crime before it occurs.

A remote monitoring system includes more than just cameras. Monitoring agents can also take responsibility for gate access. Staff can skillfully handle access control situations, verifying identification when anyone arrives at the gate.

The Birdseye Security access control solution involves using two high-definition cameras at each entry point. One is focused on the individual’s face while the other is used to analyze their ID. The monitoring agent can ensure that the person matches their identification, then check to see if they are authorized to access the property.

Agents can ask questions via two-way speaker systems to confirm details or request additional information. This process is significantly more secure than using key fobs, which can be lost, stolen, or copied.

Remote monitoring is a comprehensive truck yard security solution that is more effective and also less expensive than using passive cameras, security guards, or key fobs. Agents can watch over a property 24/7, giving your company the type of security and peace of mind you need. For more information, please contact us today.

How Live Remote Monitoring Provides Strong Truck Yard Security

A truck yard security service that is becoming increasingly popular is live video remote monitoring. A remote monitoring service involves using cameras, speakers, and other sensors to protect a property. These security tools are monitored by live agents at all times, providing 24/7 protection. If suspicious activities or criminal acts are noticed by the agents, they can react quickly. Cameras also feature advanced artificial intelligence to identify potentially dangerous or criminal situations that may otherwise be missed by individuals on the scene.

In the event of a crime or unexpected situation, agents can use lights or two-way speakers to deter criminals or communicate with unknown visitors. They can also contact police and other authorities to respond to the crime.

When speaking with police, agents can inform them that there is an active situation in progress and provide them with all relevant details. This won’t just help police determine what they need to do when they arrive, but it can also encourage them to respond more quickly since an active crime is occurring.

Live monitoring agents can also be responsible for access control. Using high-definition cameras and two-way speakers, agents can review identification cards, verify IDs, and communicate with visitors. This allows them to ask questions as necessary and to only provide access to those who are authorized to enter the property. This method is significantly more secure than using key fobs, but less labor-intensive than using guards. Live monitoring agents can also be responsible for assigning parking spots and verifying that these assignments are followed.

Birdseye Security is a North American leader in remote security and facility operation. Using high-tech remote monitoring services, the team is able to provide strong truck yard security at an affordable cost. While protecting a property with security guards, for example, can quickly get costly, using remote monitoring is both a reliable and cost-effective truck yard security solution. For more information, please contact our team today.