Truck Yard Remote Video Surveillance Services in Broward County, Florida

Improving Your Broward County, Florida Truck Yard’s Video Security

Truck yards are frequently targeted by criminals. This is the case for many reasons. One is that these properties are often quite large. That means that not only are there many potential entry points for criminals, but there are also a lot of areas that may not be protected by security, depending on the system you have.

Truck Yard Remote Video Surveillance Services in Broward County, Florida


For instance, if you are using security guards for truck gate security, these guards may not be able to protect the entire property, since they can’t possibly be everywhere at once.

Another reason why it’s important to strengthen the security truck yards use is that criminals know there are valuable assets at these sites. They are willing to put considerable effort into breaking into a truck yard because they know they could potentially steal many very valuable items that they can sell on the black market.

For these reasons, any security truck service that is used needs to be strong and comprehensive. If you wish to protect your Broward County, Florida trucking business, it makes sense to choose live truck yard remote video surveillance.

What are Live Truck Security Camera Systems?

One of the most significant upgrades you can make to your truck yard’s video security is having it monitored live by a remote monitoring service. Having live agents monitor your cameras 24/7 provides real-time, proactive protection. This is significantly more powerful than any other truck security camera service.

The way a live truck yard remote video surveillance system works is that cameras are installed throughout the property as well as around the perimeter. These cameras are then connected to a central station. The system also uses two-way speakers, sensors, and other tools to provide agents with information about the property and the ability to interact with it.

However, the most crucial part of a live remote monitoring system is watching it live, in real-time, 24/7. This sets it apart from other systems that are significantly more passive. Since the system is monitored live, agents can interact with the property as necessary to prevent crimes from happening.

Many other types of security only react once a crime is already in progress. That doesn’t keep criminals out and it risks serious damage to your property.

For instance, if an agent notices someone acting suspiciously around the perimeter (looking for an entry point, trying to tamper with locks, etc.), they can use the two-way speaker system to inform the person that they are being watched by security and that the police will be called if they do not leave the scene immediately.

With other types of security, no one is alerted to a crime until it is already in progress.

For instance, with most alarms (even those connected to a passive monitoring station), the alarm sounds only after a sensor has been triggered (such as a motion sensor installed inside a building). This means damage will be done to the property, and there’s a greater chance of criminals getting away with their crimes.

That’s because, once a crime is underway, most criminals need only a few moments to get what they’re looking for and escape. If no one responds to the crime until criminals are already inside the yard, the chances of police arriving in time to catch them are quite slim.

Live agents can also improve truck gate security. When a person arrives at the gates, agents will verify their identity and ensure that they are authorized to enter the property. Only then will they be allowed access.

Agents can even use cameras to follow vehicles as they move throughout the property, ensuring that nothing suspicious or dangerous occurs. This is a level of service that not even onsite guards can perform. They can’t be everywhere at once.

To improve security cameras for trucks and truck yards, monitoring is crucial.

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