Trespass Prevention

Trespassing Caught on Camera – Trespass Prevention

Perimeter security is just as important as interior security. Our team monitors and manages perimeter security in real-time thanks to our advanced analytical cameras monitored by experienced security professionals. We watch for and respond to trespassing attempts, theft, vandalism, and other suspicious activity.

In this instance, our agent spotted an individual lurking around the fence of our client’s property. He swiftly alerted the local police and informed our client of this suspicious activity. As soon as the police car arrived, the individual hurriedly went away, so he was obviously up to no good. Thanks to our agent’s quick response, this individual didn’t have a chance to trespass or cause any kind of damage to our client’s property.

Disclaimer – Birdseye Security Solutions does not condone any criminal activity seen in this video. We are committed to making the world a safer place, so our only goal is to raise awareness and showcase what we do for our clients

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