Toronto Live Video Monitoring Security Solutions


Toronto Video Monitoring Security: Protecting your Property

Like most large urban areas, Toronto has crime. Theft, vandalism, fraud, and other security issues are common at many businesses. There are several ways to protect against these crimes, but Toronto video monitoring security solutions are perhaps the most comprehensive and cost-effective option.

Toronto Live Video Monitoring Security Solutions

Remote monitoring systems work by using cameras, speakers, and other sensors to get a complete picture of a property inside and out.

The Advantages of Active Video Monitoring

There are significant advantages to cameras that are actively monitored when compared to those that are only reviewed after the fact. If your cameras are not being viewed live, you are simply recording evidence that can be used later. Passive cameras do not deter criminals. They know that no one is watching them right away and that, if they can flee the scene before anyone notices, the likelihood of them being caught later is incredibly slim.

The same holds true for alarm systems. They don’t stop criminals, they just let you know that a crime has happened. Unfortunately, by the time anyone can respond to an alarm, the criminals have left. In addition, since many alarm systems are prone to false alarms, police tend to consider unverified alarms a lower priority.

When your security system is being actively monitored, agents who contact the police can provide them with details about the crime in progress. This immediately positions your call as a higher priority situation.

In addition, monitoring agents are able to notice suspicious situations and react to them before they escalate. For example, if the agent notices a person lurking outside your property, they can use speakers, lighting, and other tools to make the criminal aware of their presence. When criminals know that they are being watched, they are significantly less likely to attempt a crime. Plus, agents can contact security officers or the police before a crime occurs, stopping criminals before they can cause any damage.

Comparing Video Monitoring to Security Guards

A main advantage that Toronto live video monitoring solutions hold over security guards is that they can provide detailed security coverage of an entire property. Cameras and other sensors can be installed so that they give agents a complete view of every inch of a site.

This is especially important at large properties, such as truck yards, warehouses, automotive lots, and other such locations. In these businesses, it can be incredibly difficult for guards to know what’s happening in all parts of the property at once. In many cases, it isn’t even possible. Not only can guards not be everywhere at once, but the costs associated with employing that many guards 24/7 would be significant.

In addition, in low light situations or in certain weather conditions (such as severe rainstorms, for instance) visibly and mobility are often decreased. Guards simply cannot see well in the dark of night. This means they could miss suspicious activity. On the other hand, security cameras can capture clear footage even in the dark. This lets agents know what’s going on regardless of the conditions.

Plus, camera systems cannot be distracted, intimidated, or overwhelmed by criminals. Remote monitoring teams perform their duties under any conditions, keeping properties safe 24/7.

Why Toronto Video Monitoring Security Tools Work

Remote monitoring systems work because agents don’t just watch over your entire property, but they also react to situations as soon as they happen. Our Toronto video monitoring security solutions don’t just stop theft and vandalism. Our monitoring teams can also be responsible for access control, parking lot management, inspection enforcement, inventory control, and more.

When you choose remote live video monitoring, you are choosing a security solution that keeps every aspect of your property safe at all times. We understand the vital importance of strong yet cost-effective security.

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