Tips for Improving Security Monitoring Toronto & Area


Finding the Right Service for Security Monitoring Toronto & Area

Monitoring is a vital part of security. If your system isn’t monitored, there’s a very good chance that you won’t know that a crime has been committed until it’s too late. This is why many business owners find themselves searching for security monitoring in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Tips for Improving Security Monitoring Toronto & Area

Consider an alarm system. Alarms do not prevent crime from happening. Most alarms only sound when something goes wrong, such as when a window breaks or when a gate is tampered with. By the time anyone becomes aware of the situation, criminals will have already gained access to your property. This means that they will have likely caused damage and potentially even stolen assets from your site.

Even alarm systems that are designed to call a central station or the police only provide value after the fact. Criminals move quickly. They know that if they can get in and out of a property in a short amount of time, that they have a good chance at getting away with their crimes.

Another potential downside is that alarm systems frequently sound when there is no crime at all. If a sensor is triggered, the alarm will sound but it will be a false alarm. If your property isn’t monitored, there is no way to know if a trouble situation is real. Unfortunately, police know this and they may place a lower priority on an unverified alarm.

Many business owners recognize these potential issues and find themselves looking for security monitoring in Toronto and area.

How Security Monitoring Works?

Remote video monitoring is a powerful security tool. When you have a live monitoring system set up, cameras, two-way speakers, and other sensors and devices are installed in and around your property. Cameras can be placed so that monitoring staff are able to see an entire property from several angles. This lets them see exactly what’s happening at a location at all times.

Agents can spot suspicious situations and respond to them before they escalate into crimes. For example, if a security agent notices someone lurking around outside a building, they can use lighting or speakers to deter the criminals. Agents can also call security guards or the police to the scene if needed.

Since live agents can see what’s going on at a property, they can report the details directly to police. Not only will this let the police know that the situation isn’t a false alarm, but it will also help them better prepare to deal with the crime.

What are the difference and benefits of Live Remote Security Monitoring in Toronto vs Onsite Security Guards?

Traditional onsite security guards are a common form of active security. They have advantages over alarm systems in that they can spot a situation and react before it turns into a serious crime. However, there are some potential challenges when trying to secure an entire property using guards:

  • No matter how many guards are employed by a business, it’s nearly impossible for them to be able to see what’s going on in every inch of a property at once. Even if you have guards stationed at each entrance and other guards making their rounds through the property, they still won’t be able to see everything.
  • There are situations (such as during the night) when guards may have difficulty seeing. Many criminals like to work in the dark because the chances of them being caught in the act by security guards is quite low. The high-definition security cameras used in a remote monitoring set up can capture clear video even at night.
  • Unfortunately, security guards can be overwhelmed or even potentially harmed by large groups or by criminals armed with weapons.
  • Security guards must rely on their memories or their notes (if they’ve taken any) when recalling information. These details may be incomplete, which can potentially hamper an investigation. Video cameras capture footage that gives you the whole story as it happened.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

In addition, the cost to hire enough security guards to effectively protect a property is usually quite high. Most organizations find significant savings by using remote video monitoring. If your company is interested in live security monitoring Toronto and area, please do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.