Entrance Gate Security Systems


How to Improve your Gate Security System

Choosing the Right Gate Entry System

Keeping entry gates secure is important. When you have a secure gate entry system, you keep unauthorized people off your property. This drastically decreases crime, vandalism, and other issues. However, there are several different gate security system options.

  • Which one is right for your business?
  • Which will keep your property safe?
  • Which has the right combination of being cost-effective while also protecting your site?

Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.

Keys, Fobs & Access Cards

A common access control solution is to use key fobs, access cards, or physical keys. These are commonly used at gates, doors, and other entry points to restrict access to only authorized individuals. However, there are a few key weaknesses to using this type of security.

The first is that this method only works for staff and regular visitors (such as contractors who frequently work with your business). It doesn’t make logistical or practical sense to give visitors and third parties access cards, so there will still need to be another system in place for these individuals.

Another potential issue is that keys, cards, or fobs can be lost, stolen, or duplicated. Many times, if this happens, it isn’t noticed right away. That means unauthorized individuals could enter your property without issue and potentially cause serious issues.

Security Guards

Another common option for protecting your gate entry system is to use security guards. Guards can solve some of the problems associated with key fobs and other entry tools. They can individually identify each person who wishes to enter the property, ask questions as necessary, and make sure only those who are authorized to enter the property can do so.

However, there are potential challenges when using security guards as well. One issue is that security guards can potentially be overwhelmed by their duties. If you have guards handling access control, they may also be responsible for dealing with security issues in other areas of the property.

This means they could be required to step away from the gate entry system to deal with another situation at any time. That leaves your property vulnerable. This situation can be potentially improved by having additional guards at the property, but that comes at an added cost.

Live Remote Monitoring

Live remote monitoring involves using cameras, two-way speakers, and other tools (such as lights and sensors) to watch over a property. Remote security agents can then be responsible for an organization’s gate security system.

Cameras can be positioned at access gates so that agents can monitor these gates and verify identities. In a typical set up, one camera will be focused on the individual’s face and another will be used to verify their identity card. Agents will then check their identity against a list of authorized personnel. If additional information is required, remote agents can communicate with the person through two-way speakers.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

Not only can remote agents protect a company’s gate entry system, but they can also watch over the entire property. This means they’ll be able to see exactly where a visitor goes and intervene if they do anything suspicious. Remote security agents can also assign parking spaces and ensure that these assignments are followed. The result is a safer and more organized property.

Choosing the Right Gate Entry System

If you’re considering improving your gate security system, there are several factors to consider. The first is the size of your property. If your site is quite small, it may be possible to protect your gates and the rest of your location using security guards.

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However, it’s important to remember that, even in these situations, large numbers of criminals or criminals armed with weapons can potentially overwhelm, intimidate, or even potentially harm guards.

Another factor to consider is the number of visitors that will arrive at your property.

  • Does your business receive several visitors and third parties each day?
  • Or is it mostly regular staff members who are entering and exiting your property?

Know that, even if you don’t receive very many visitors, you will still need to have an effective plan in place for dealing with unexpected individuals arriving at your gate entry system.

For more information on access control and how to improve your company’s gate security system, please contact Birdseye Security solutions today.