The Trouble With Trailer Parking


Many truck yards rent or lease parking spaces to other transportation companies as a source of extra revenue for underutilized spaces.


The Trouble With Trailer Parking

When the charges for these parking spaces accumulate on a timed basis, it’s time-consuming for truck yard supervisors to track usage, ensure renters are following the rules, and that time used and overages are accurately accounted for and billed.

The Birdseye Security solution is installed to improve overall yard security and operations. Once in place, Birdseye agents are watching your yard 24/7, and log yard entry and exit times for all yard users, including those who may be renting space.

As part of their supervisory tasks, agents are monitoring for incidents including damage to trailers, onsite safety equipment protocol adherence. If a trailer is parked in the wrong place, they can provide instructions via Voice-Down™ to drivers and document all interactions.

Reporting of rental trailer parking – including time onsite, gate access logs, and parking location are easily pulled from the existing Birdseye system records. The yard supervisor can avoid the need to have their already-busy staff performing these tasks.

This frees up their time to be work on more valuable tasks. And, knowing that there are systems records (with video back-up) ensure that any and all overage can be accurately billed and defended in the case of a client dispute