The Importance of Live Monitoring for Warehouse Security

Understanding Monitoring for Warehouse Security

Warehouses and other large facilities are vulnerable to theft and other crimes. There are many reasons why. The first is that these properties are often quite large. This makes it tough to see what’s going on in all places at all times, and criminals take advantage of this. Live monitoring for warehouse security solves this problem. 

The Importance of Live Monitoring for Warehouse Security

With a live video monitoring service, cameras are installed throughout the property, both on the perimeter and inside the site. These cameras are monitored 24/7 by live security agents. This provides comprehensive and proactive protection for the site. 

There are many ways that monitoring for warehouse security purposes makes the site safer, more efficient, and more productive. Learning these benefits can help you understand the importance of these tools. 

How Monitoring for Warehouse Security Works

There are many different roles that a live monitoring system can play at a warehouse. The first is perimeter security. Protecting a warehouse’s perimeter is a crucial part of any strong security plan. Keeping criminals out of your site should be your top priority.

Even if you have alarms that notify you when someone breaches your site, you should still be working to secure the perimeter and keep them out.

First of all, it takes time to respond to an alarm. If you aren’t made aware of a criminal until they’re inside your property, there’s a good chance that they have enough time to get what they’re looking for and get out before they can be stopped.

Secondly, criminals cause damage when they strike. They break doors, cut fences, and much more. Even if they don’t steal anything, they’ll still cause financial harm to your business. 

Live monitoring services are designed so that security agents spot potential criminals as soon as they approach your property.

If an agent sees any suspicious activity, they will use the system’s two-way speakers to inform the person that they are being watched. If the criminal does not leave the scene, the police will be called immediately.

This deters criminals since they know they don’t have time to commit their crimes and that, if they stay near the property, they will be caught by the police. 

Other Benefits of Monitoring for Warehouse Security

In addition to perimeter security, live monitoring services provide many other benefits. For instance, live monitoring agents can handle gate security and access control roles. In these situations, cameras will be positioned at the gates of the site. When anyone arrives, they will be required to show their identification and their face to the cameras.

security guards vs remote video monitoring solutions

Agents will verify that they are who they say they are, then confirm that they are authorized to enter the property. This keeps out individuals who may try to use trickery or fraudulent documents to gain access to the warehouse. 

Live agents can even assign parking spaces to trucks or visitors and use the onsite cameras to verify that these assignments have been followed. This not only ensures that you always know where vehicles are parked, but it also keeps certain vehicles out of potentially sensitive areas. 

Since remote security agents can watch over the entire site, they can monitor the actions of all staff and visitors while they are at the warehouse. If any suspicious activity is noted, they can communicate with the site directly and file a report with management. Pilferage and employee theft are common crimes at warehouses, so being able to keep an eye on everyone drastically reduces this risk. 

Monitoring teams can also monitor those on-site to ensure they are following health and safety protocols. For instance, if any warehouse employees are not wearing proper safety equipment or not abiding by safety procedures, they will be warned, and a report will be filed with management. 

Finally, live monitoring agents can also assist with inventory control and tracking. When trucks enter the site, agents will check their paperwork, so they know what they are delivering. The same occurs whenever a truck leaves.

In addition, agents will monitor inventory as it moves throughout the warehouse property, noting its location in real-time. Knowing where your assets are at all times not only makes your business more efficient, but it ensures that you are aware of any theft or loss as soon as it occurs.

This makes it much easier to catch those responsible and to make plans to prevent such crimes in the future.

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