Solving Security Guard Scarcity

How To Solve Security Guard Scarcity

A record 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August 2021, in what is now known as “The Great Resignation.” Whatever the origin of this large-scale drop in the labor market, this shortage of skilled staff seriously affects businesses, and some already fear that there is “no end in sight.”

The scarcity of trained security guards has been exacerbated by the dual forces of a rebounding economy and a retraction in skilled labor. As the economy recovers from the lowest point of the pandemic, increased economic activity has led to a huge surge in global shipping, causing numerous supply chain issues across North America. This means that as transportation yards are getting increasingly busy, the shortage of security guards is causing them to operate with skeleton staff – leaving them vulnerable to security breaches. And, having to pay more to retain the few security guards they can keep on staff.

In this White Paper we explore the issue of security guard scarcity in more detail, and discuss alternative means to solve the problem.


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