Security Video Monitoring Service


Using a Security Video Monitoring Service

There are many good reasons to use a live video monitoring system for security, especially if you are in a remote location. This holds true for properties located in industrial areas as well as construction sites and many other businesses.

Security Video Monitoring Service

A security video monitoring service can be the difference between a crime that isn’t noticed until it’s too late and a suspicious situation that is caught and acted on before any damage is done.

Why Security Systems for Remote Locations are Important

Whether your property is in a remote location, if it is an industrial site, or if it is a temporary construction site, there are certain security challenges present. One is that infrastructure may not be stable or even present at all. For instance, there may not be a consistent source of electricity going to the site or there might not be fast and reliable broadband internet in place.

Remote security monitoring services solve these problems. Monitoring mobile video trailers are self-contained, so they can be deployed to nearly any location with ease. Plus, for sites that change frequently (such as construction sites), they can easily be moved or adjusted as needed. Monitoring trailers do not need to be connected to the power grid and cameras can use mobile internet in locations where stable broadband internet may not be an option.

In remote locations, it may take time for the authorities to arrive at a scene when a crime or suspicious situation occurs. With live video monitoring, trained security agents can respond to these situations immediately, saving time and keeping your property safe. If agents see suspicious activity, for instance, they can utilize lights and speakers to deter criminals before they strike.

They can also contact police as soon as a situation starts developing, telling them exactly what’s occurring in real time. This lets them prepare their response earlier than if they needed to wait for an alarm to sound before being notified. Plus, since they’ll have evidence that a crime is taking place (as opposed to a false alarm), they may place a higher priority on the situation.

Comparing Video Monitoring to Security Guards and Passive Surveillance Cameras

The main difference between live video monitoring and more passive systems (such as alarm systems or unmonitored cameras) is the immediate reaction.

With an alarm, no one is notified of a situation until it is too late. With passive cameras, evidence of a crime is captured, but since no one is monitoring the cameras, no one can react to stop the situation. This means that property could be damaged, or goods could be stolen, and no one will know until it’s too late.

Many sites use security guards to act as security systems for remote locations. While onsite security guards are a more proactive option than alarms and unmonitored cameras, there are still potential challenges present. The first is that guards cannot be everywhere at once. Even if a property has someone stationed at each entrance and other guards walking throughout the property, they still can’t provide complete coverage.

On the other hand, cameras can be installed and positioned so that monitoring agents can see every inch of a property all at once. This provides comprehensive coverage that cannot be matched by guards.

In addition, cameras record clear footage even in low-light situations. Security guards may have difficulty seeing at night, even if they are using flashlights. This means that they may miss suspicious behavior that cameras will catch. Plus, monitoring services also utilize artificial intelligence to analyze situations and spot things that the naked eye could miss.

Choosing Between Security Video Monitoring Services

When it comes to choosing the right security video monitoring service, it’s important to work with a company you can trust. Birdseye Security Solutions is a North American leader in remote security monitoring and facility supervision. We work with companies in many different industries, from truck yards and automotive lots to warehouses, factories, and other such properties.

Our team takes pride in providing strong security measures that keep businesses safe. For construction sites and remote properties, our mobile video monitoring solution is an adaptable and affordable option that provides the same comprehensive protection as our other services.

For more information on our services and how we can protect your company, please contact us today.