Remote Security Solutions

Birdseye Security Solutions delivers value far beyond that of traditional security guard companies. Our diverse range of security services can be customized to meet any clients’ unique facility security needs. Remote security services keep sites safe, prevent crime, and even save organization’s money.

At the core of the Birdseye Security solution is a comprehensive CCTV camera system that covers the perimeter and interior of the yard or site. These remote security solutions ensure that your property is watched by trained professionals at all times.

Our professionally trained agents remotely monitor your facility 24/7 for intrusion, manage authorized yard access, and can proactively enforce onsite security and safety protocols (including the proper use of PPE).

Benefits of Remote Security Services

There are many reasons for an organization to choose remote security. As mentioned, it provides comprehensive, 24/7 protection. By using high-definition cameras, two-way speakers, lighting, and other sensors, professional security agents are not just able to view the site 24/7, but they can interact with the property as well.

This means they can be proactive, spot supicious activity, and work to deter criminals before they can strike. In the majority of cases, our agents can prevent crimes and other security incidents from occurring. For instance, if remote agents notice an unauthorized person milling around outside your gates, they can use two-way speakers to communicate. This allows them to let the person know that they are being watched and that, if they do not explain themselves or leave the area, police will be called.

If necessary, our agents can call local police or fire authorities to intervene in serious situations, according to standard protocols that are predefined in partnership with our clients. When these calls are made, agents provide the authorities with specific real-time details of the situation.

This lets them know that the incident is happening right now, that it is serious, and that it is not a false alarm. When police or fire services know that there is a verified emergency, they may place a higher priority on the response.

In addition to providing proactive and comprehensive coverage, there are other significant benefits to remote security solutions, including:

  • High-definition cameras that provide clear footage of an entire property.
    • While security guards may be able to walk around a location, they can’t be everywhere at once. Security cameras can be positioned so the entire site can be viewed at all times.
    • Cameras also capture clear footage, even at night. This prevents criminals from being able to hide in the darkness, waiting for an opportunity to strike.
  • Remote security teams cannot be intimidated by criminals.
    • Unfortunately, some criminals may try to overwhelm or even injure onsite security guards. This can be the case when a large number of guards strike at once or in situations where criminals are armed. When remote security is used, these tactics are not effective.
  • Using remote security services could save money
    • Depending on your property and your security needs, it could be more cost-effective to use remote security options when compared with other choices. This benefit is even greater when you consider that remote monitoring can also provide more comprehensive protection.

For more information on remote security and how this service can keep your property safe, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. We have years of experience in protecting sites of all types and sizes, and work with businesses to achieve superior security.

The Birdseye Security services are C-TPAT and PIP compliant, ensuring any facility using our security services can establish (or maintain) certification status.

Where requested, our remote agents can be augmented by supplemental onsite security guards. This service can be perfect at businesses that have complex security needs or in situations where additional security is requested out of an abundance of caution.

Live remote monitoring provides more than just security. Our agents can also be responsible for access control, remote concierge services, parking management, protocol enforcement, and much more. Whatever the needs of your business, Birdseye Security Solutions is there.

Contact us to discover how we can make your property safer, more secure, and more efficient. We are a North American leader in remote security and facility management that is trusted by thousands of companies in the United States and Canada. Choose our dedicated team to secure and manage your facility.