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Security Guards and Live Video Surveillance

Active security solutions are more effective than passive ones. An active service is one that can intervene in a situation and de-escalate it before it becomes more dangerous. For instance, security guards can see a person lurking around a perimeter fence and ask them to leave. Compare this to an alarm system that will only sound once that person has already broken in. The active solution resolves the situation before it can become a crime.

Live monitoring services are another example of active security. When live video surveillance is set up at a property, security agents can monitor it 24/7. If they notice something suspicious (like a person loitering at your gates), the agent can use speakers or lights to deter the criminal and resolve the situation before it becomes a crime.

Due to this, video surveillance monitoring can be considered a cost-effective alternative to onsite security guards. Specifically, the Birdseye security camera service is designed to be more efficient and better for the bottom line than a comparable security guard service.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

For those who are running truck yards, industrial sites, warehouses, and other large facilities, a common question is “how much do security guards cost?” That’s because these large properties require many guards in order to be sufficiently protected. These costs add up quickly. A live video monitoring service can provide equal – if not better – protection at a cost that is often less than hiring a team of security guards.

For more information on the Birdseye surveillance monitoring service, and details on what security guards can and can’t do, please contact us today. Our team will be more than happy to talk to you about video surveillance monitoring, security guards, and more.

Will Technology Replace Security Guards?

The Birdseye Security Solution is designed to replace traditional onsite security guards with more efficient and cost-effective remote monitoring agents. We work with clients to replace even their most complex onsite operations with technology-enabled virtual services.

security guards vs remote video monitoring solutions

However, there may be instances when remote monitoring cannot completely replace an onsite presence – whether the requirement is too complex or out of an abundance of caution. In these instances, supplemental onsite security guards can be provided for Foot Patrols, Stationary Security, or Vehicle Patrols, whether on a full-time basis or short-term, as needs arise.

Our live security guards and remote monitoring agents work in tandem to ensure that the chances of a security issue are drastically reduced.

For instance, the live video monitoring service agents will watch the property and, if anything suspicious occurs, they can contact the onsite security guards to investigate. Using live monitoring in conjunction with licensed security guards tends to be a significant improvement over using guards alone.

No matter how many security guards you have on site, they simply cannot cover every inch of your property at all times. This is especially true at large properties like truck yards or large industrial sites. At these locations, criminals look for places to hide and operate where they cannot be seen by guards. Live video surveillance eliminates these opportunities.

Cameras can be located so that agents have a complete view of an entire property. By using the Birdseye security camera service, you give criminals no places to hide. Live monitoring agents will spot them, communicate with them, and – if necessary  –  send security guards to deal with the situation.

Birdseye live guards are professionally trained and licensed in the local jurisdiction in which the facility is located. For more information on how a surveillance monitoring service and onsite security guards can work together to protect your property, please contact Birdseye Security today.

What Security Guards Can and Can’t Do

When considering security guards and potentially pairing their services with a live video monitoring service, it’s important to think about the services that guards provide. Since security guards are an active service, they work to deter criminals and resolve situations before they become more serious.

This makes them an effective tool. When compared to tools like alarm systems and unmonitored cameras, guards provide much better security. Even if an alarm system is set up to contact a central station or the police when a crime occurs, by the time police arrive, the criminals will likely have caused their damage and left the scene.

Onsite security guards can respond faster to potential crimes and even deter criminals before they strike.

Security guards can also conduct investigations and take note of evidence, improving accountability and security at the same time.

Comparing Traditional Onsite Security Guards to Remote Monitoring

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However, there are limitations to what security guards can do.

  • Security guards cannot cover the entirety of a property 24/7.
    • No matter how many guards are deployed at a property, there will still potentially be holds that criminals can exploit.
  • Security guards cannot see in all conditions.
    • For instance, at night, it becomes tough to spot suspicious activity. This is why many criminals choose to strike at this time.
  • Security guards may be distracted, overwhelmed, or even intimidated by criminals.
    • This possibility exists especially in situations where a large number of criminals strike at once or where criminals are armed with deadly weapons.
  • Security guards are limited by their memories
    • When cataloguing evidence, guards are responsible for remembering details and recalling them accurately. Though they may make notes immediately following an incident, the chance of an error still exists.

A surveillance monitoring service can fill in some of the holes that guards cannot handle on their own.

  • Live video monitoring cameras can be installed so that agents can see an entire property at once
    • Agents will monitor a location 24/7
  • High-definition cameras can capture clear footage in a variety of conditions, including low-light conditions
    • This means agents will be able to see what’s happening at site even at night
  • Security agents monitor remotely so they can see situations develop and respond to them quickly
    • Remote monitoring agents can contact onsite guards to deal with a situation before it develops into something more serious. They can also use two-way speakers to directly communicate with the site, deterring criminals before they strike. Finally, if a situation becomes too dangerous for guards, agents can contact the police directly and inform them that there is a crime in progress.
    • Since the crime has been verified by live agents, police may place a higher priority on the situation when responding.
  • Video evidence is accurate and strong
    • If crime, injury, or property damage occurs, video footage of the situation can easily be pulled. This footage will be 100% accurate and will provide business owners, police, and investigators with the information they need to know exactly what happened in a situation.
    • When dealing with theft, property damage, or injury, having accurate evidence is crucial.

Working in conjunction with one another, live remote monitoring and security guards provide comprehensive protection. However, when considering what security guards can and can’t do, it’s also important to consider how much do security guards cost.

How Much Do Security Guards Cost?

The cost of hiring security guards depends on several factors. For instance, the region you’re in, the level of experience the guards have, the benefits they’re paid, the number of hours they work, the services they provide, and many other factors come into play.

Two considerations are important when considering security guards:

  • Large properties require more guards
    • Truck yards, automotive lots, industrial sites, etc., are physically large properties that also have many potential security risks. To receive adequate security at these properties, many guards will be needed.
    • Security guards are typically stationed at entry points and near valuable or sensitive areas, while other guards will do their rounds within the property.
  • Guards cannot see the entire property at once
    • Even if multiple guards are stationed in and around a property, it usually isn’t logistically possible for these guards to see everything that happens at all times.
    • The result is potential holes in the system which criminals can – and will – exploit.

These facts show that protecting a property using only guards can quickly become quite expensive and that guards may still miss certain situations even if a property is adequately staffed. Using video surveillance monitoring along with guards drastically improves effectiveness.

Live video monitoring services allow agents to see every part of a property all at once. This not only means that they’re more powerful than using guards alone, but the solution is more cost-effective as well. A property will not need to spend as much on guards when live video surveillance is taking care of the monitoring.

Please contact us today to find out how the Birdseye security camera service can help improve security at your property.

Understanding Live Monitoring Services

When a live video surveillance system is installed at a property, it involves more than just security cameras. The system will also include two-way speakers, lighting, and other sensors (depending on the property). This not only allows for 24/7 monitoring, but it also lets the monitoring agents communicate and interact with the property.

This means they can intervene in suspicious situations, but it also allows them to perform other crucial duties.

  • Remote agents can be responsible for access control
    • Cameras can be installed at security gates, allowing agents to verify visitors before they are allowed to enter the property.
    • Using two cameras, agents can simultaneously see a person’s face and their ID card. This real-time identification is efficient, accurate, and consistent.
    • Agents can communicate with visitors using two-way speakers if needed.
    • Using live agents for access control is considerably more secure than keys, access cards, or fob systems since these tools can be lost, stolen, or duplicated.
  • Live monitoring can handle parking assignments
    • In large truck yards, automotive lots, and other properties, parking management is crucial. If there isn’t a strong system in place to assign and verify parking spots, vehicles and trailers can be misplaced. This can lead to confusion and delays.
    • Live monitoring agents at gates can assign parking spaces to drivers who enter the lot. They can then use the onsite cameras to ensure the drivers park in their assigned locations. If a driver makes a mistake, agents can easily use the two-way speaker system to correct the issue before it becomes a problem.
    • This is significantly more efficient than using security guards to assign spaces, since it is much easier for agents to verify compliance with cameras than it would be for onsite guards.
  • Monitoring agents can ensure safety and compliance
    • Agents who are watching the site can do more than just detect crime. They can also watch for employees or visitors who are not following proper safety procedures.
    • If agents notice dangerous behaviour, they can quickly communicate through the two-way speaker system to correct the situation.

The power of remote monitoring becomes evident when you see what the service can do. While security guards are certainly valuable and while they can be a part of a protection plan, live video surveillance systems are an efficient way to protect your business.

At Birdseye Security, we are a North American leader in remote security and facility supervision. All members of our security team – both remote agents and security guards – are trained professionals with years of experience. Monitoring agents and onsite security guards work together to keep properties safe.

We work with clients to design systems that meet their unique needs and their specific properties, understanding that no two security situations are exactly alike. Monitoring technology is a powerful tool and one that can drastically improve security at any property, including truck yards, automotive lots, warehouses, industrial facilities, multi-residential complexes, and many other locations.

For more information on Birdseye Security and how our team can keep your property safe and secure 24/7, please contact us today.

Is Your Security Guard Sleeping on the Job?

There are a lot of benefits to using a security guard to protect your property. For example, they are able to react to situations and investigate suspicious activity before it turns into a crime. This makes them much more useful than a traditional alarm system, for instance. However, security guards are only human. This means they have weaknesses, and these weaknesses can be exploited by criminals.

For example, your security guard could be sleeping on the job. It might sound unlikely, but it’s certainly possible. After all, how would you know if they were? And, if they were, what would you do?

Potentially falling asleep isn’t the only possible issue with security guards. They may be distracted, they may be overwhelmed by their work, they could have difficulty seeing at night, or they might just be having a bad day. This could mean they’re missing out on details or situations or even crimes in progress. Clearly this isn’t something you want to happen.

Possible Issues with Security Guards

As mentioned, your security guard could be sleeping on the job. However, even if a guard isn’t actually asleep, this possibility still points to a potential issue. Guards can get tired. If they didn’t have a good sleep the night before or if they have another issue that is keeping them from being at their best, this can negatively affect their work and leave your property vulnerable. A tired guard might be slow to react, or they may not have the focus they need to do their job correctly.

Guards can also get overwhelmed by their various duties. Sometimes, this even happens due to purposeful action by criminals. They know that they can distract, overwhelm, and even potentially threaten security guards to prevent them from doing their jobs correctly. For instance, if a large group of criminals arrive at a site at once, guards may not be able to stop them. If criminals are armed, they may be able to intimidate or even injure the guards on site.

Another possible issue is that guards have physical limitations. They can’t be everywhere at once, they can’t see well in the dark, and they may miss certain suspicious actions because they’re performing other duties.

Are There Better Alternatives to Security Guards?

One major advantage to using security guards is that they can react to situations and prevent them from becoming more serious crimes. However, they are not the only security option that can do this. Live remote monitoring can also provide comprehensive security and agents can intervene into situations to prevent them from escalating. Using two-way speakers and other tools, remote monitoring agents can stop criminals before they can commit crimes. In addition, live monitoring services do not suffer from many of the issues that can occur with security guards.

  • Monitoring cameras are overlaid with artificial intelligence (AI). This AI can notice situations that may otherwise be missed by humans, such as very slight movement or more people being in a room than should be present. If the AI notices an issue, it alerts the remote monitoring team who can investigate further. This means your monitoring agents won’t miss a single thing.
  • Remote security teams cannot be distracted or intimidated by criminals. Even if there is a large group of criminals or if they are carrying weapons, remote agents can still contact the police directly, provide them with the details they require, and stay on the phone with them as long as needed.
  • In most cases, remote monitoring cameras can also see more of a property than guards can. This is because cameras can be installed so the entire property is visible at once. Security guards typically need to do their rounds and walk throughout a site to see everything that is happening. Unfortunately, this means they can’t see everything at once. Criminals often watch for guards and strike while they are in a different part of the property.
  • In addition, high-definition CCTV cameras can capture clear footage in a variety of situations, including in low-light. This means monitoring agents will be able to see more of a property at all times than an on-site guard.

For more information on live remote monitoring and how this service can improve – and possibly even replace – a traditional on-site security guard service, please do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. Our dedicated team is here to help you strengthen the security at your property.