Security Guard Companies in Toronto & Best Options to Keep your Property Safe


Alternatives to Security Guard Companies in Toronto

When many businesses look into protecting their properties, they look at security guards. While there are many security guard companies in Toronto, using one may not be the best option for your property. There are several advantages to using guards, but there are also potential challenges and drawbacks.

Security Guard Companies in Toronto

It is important to understand these possible issues before you decide on a security provider for your business. The safety of your property is crucial, and it is only by understanding all aspects of all security options that you can understand which option is right for you.

When it comes to security guard companies in Toronto, you’ll want to know the potential drawbacks as well as the alternatives. This will help you make the right decision.

Potential Challenges with Security Guards

Even if security guards are stationed at every entry point, and even if additional guards are walking throughout a property, it simply isn’t logistically possible for them to cover every inch of a location all at once. This is especially true at larger properties. Plus, hiring a large number of guards to watch a property 24/7 is also quite costly.

Guards may also have other possible issues, including the fact that they will likely have difficulty seeing at night and in other dark locations. Using a flashlight is possible, this alerts criminals to the presence of a guard and encourages them to hide from the light and wait until the guard leaves the scene before striking.

Finally, security guards may be distracted, overwhelmed, or even intimidated by a large group of criminals or by those who are armed.

These possible challenges show that it’s important to review all of your options, not just look at security guard companies in Toronto. Expanding your search could help you find an option will that meet your needs and keeps your company safe.

Options Other Than Security Guard Companies in Toronto

When looking at alternatives to security guards, you’ll see that security solutions can be separated into passive and active solutions. Guards are generally considered to be an active solution. This means that they are currently watching over a property in real time and that they can react if a suspicious or unexpected situation occurs.

Active solutions are generally preferred to passive solutions, such as alarm systems and unmonitored surveillance cameras. With passive solutions, it typically isn’t known that a crime has occurred until after the fact. For example, an alarm only sounds once there has been a break in.

Alarm systems aren’t able to spot suspicious situations or advancing criminals and they cannot react before someone commits a crime. The same is true for unmonitored security cameras. They capture footage that can later be used as evidence, but they do not stop crimes from happening.

However, monitored security solutions do prevent crime from occurring. A live remote monitoring service involves setting up cameras, speaker systems, and other sensors in and around a property. These tools make it possible for agents to watch the location 24/7. If a suspicious situation happens, they can use lights, speakers, or other tools to deter the criminals.

If a crime takes place, agents can call the police immediately and provide them with live details. This will help the police prepare for the situation and could cause them to place a high priority on the call since a verified crime is taking place. The remote agents will not be intimidated or overwhelmed. They will perform their duties as needed regardless of the situation or circumstances.

Plus, live video monitoring services can protect your property at a price that is often less than the cost of guards, and cameras will be installed so that every inch of your location is secured at all times with no blind spots. Cameras can also capture clear video even in the dark, so you won’t have to worry about missing anything at night.

For more information on remote video monitoring services, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We have extensive experience at keeping locations safe, including large properties like truck yards and multi-unit residential complexes. In addition to monitoring for crimes, our agents can also handle access control, inspection enforcement, parking management, and much more.

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