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CCTV Security Cameras for Yard Protection

How Security Cameras for Yard Protection Work Best

When it comes to security cameras for yard monitoring, it’s important to choose the right tools. Each security camera is unique and different set ups matter as well. Finally, there is a significant difference between monitored and unmonitored cameras that cannot be ignored.

How Security Cameras for Yard Protection Work Best

Unmonitored vs Monitored Security Cameras for Yard Security

Choosing between monitored and unmonitored cameras is an important decision and one that means a great deal when it comes to the effectiveness of your security system. That’s because monitored video cameras have significant benefits.

Unlike unmonitored cameras, monitored security cameras are watched at all times by experienced security agents. This means that no matter what happens at your property, it will be seen. This makes these tools even more powerful than security guards, for instance. After all, security guards can’t see everything at once. Plus, hiring enough of them to protect a large property 24/7 quickly gets very costly.

With an unmonitored security camera, footage is not usually viewed until after a crime has already been committed. This means the cameras are not used as a deterrent as much as they are used to provide evidence.

Criminals know this. They understand that if they wear masks or hoods, it becomes nearly impossible to identify them on video. This means if they can get in and out of a property without being spotted, there is a very good chance that they will get away with their crime.

Not only can monitored cameras catch criminals in the act, but they can also stop them from committing a crime in the first place.

How Live Remote Monitoring Works

When security cameras for yard protection are installed at a truck yard, warehouse, factory, multi-residential unit, or any other property, the system doesn’t just include cameras. Monitoring systems also use two-way speakers and other security tools to monitor and communicate with a site.

The entire system is watched by trained security professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If agents notice any suspicious activity, they can respond to it immediately. Cameras are also overlaid with artificial intelligence (AI), which allows agents to spot situations that would otherwise be missed by traditional tools such as onsite guards.

The monitoring agents’ ability to spot suspicious situations and react to them immediately sets monitored cameras apart from unmonitored ones. With an unmonitored camera, or with an alarm system, there is nothing in place to stop criminals from striking. If a crook can get in and out of a site before anyone responds to an alarm, they will likely get away with their crime.

Unmonitored cameras serve primarily to provide evidence to police and insurance companies after a crime has happened. They tend not to deter people from striking since criminals know that they can cover their faces and get away with their crimes.

Security Monitoring at Truck Yards

Truck yards are common targets for criminals because they have many assets and because it’s difficult to secure these sites. Most truck yards are quite large and that means security guards have difficulty watching over the entire site. This is especially true when it’s dark.

Live remote monitoring cameras can capture clear footage of the entire yard in nearly any conditions. Live agents can watch over the site, react to issues as they occur, and prevent crimes.

However, live monitoring can do more than just prevent crimes. When monitoring services are installed at a property, agents can also take responsibility for access control at the gate, parking management, and much more. Live agents are even able to watch the site for safety, protocol, or procedural violations.

For instance, if staff or visitors are not wearing appropriate safety gear, agents can communicate with them directly and correct the situation. Footage captured by monitored security cameras can also be used to train staff or modify procedures to keep a site safer.

When it comes to choosing security cameras for yards, warehouses, factories, or any large site, live remote monitoring makes sense. It offers extensive benefits that cannot be provided by other types of security. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.