San Bernardino County, California Truck Yard Remote Video Surveillance

How the Best San Bernardino County, California Truck Gate Security Tools Work

When it comes to security, there are certainly many different options for protecting a property. However, not all are created equal. Truck yards are common targets for criminals and, therefore, choosing the right truck security systems is important.

San Bernardino County, California Truck YardRemote Video Surveillance

Criminals understand how to exploit weaknesses and take advantage of setups that are not thorough and comprehensive. If you are looking into security truck service options and want to improve the protection you have at your property, it’s important to understand how criminals get through different types of security. This will help you choose a security option that does not give them these opportunities. 

How Criminals Target Truck Yards

Criminals often scout out the security at truck yards before they strike.  This means they look for potential weaknesses and figure out how to strike. For instance, if they see that a site is only protected by an alarm system, they know that it will likely be some time before someone responds to the alarm and arrives to stop them. 

This is even true with alarms that are connected to a central station. Since agents are not watching the site live (and since, in many cases, they aren’t even able to watch the truck yard’s video security cameras), criminals know that the station will likely need to contact someone to verify the crime before the police are called. This takes time and criminals use this time to strike and then leave the scene. 

Even if a truck security camera system is installed, if it’s not monitored live, criminals know that no one will respond until they trigger an alarm. By the time that happens, they might be inside the property already and they know they’ll be able to escape before the police arrive. 

Truck gate security guards can help, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Criminals can wait for them to leave an area before they strike. They can even, unfortunately, distract, threaten, or harm guards in an attempt to steal from a site. Truck yards typically contain significant valuables, so criminals may be willing to go to extreme measures to steal from these sites. 

The Truck Yard Security Options Available in San Bernardino County, California

Look at your site and think about how a criminal would gain access to it. Remember that, in general, criminals don’t care about your property. They will cause as much damage as necessary to get what they’re looking for. Once you understand how a criminal may circumvent certain types of security, you can plan a setup that does not have these weaknesses. 

One method of comprehensive security in San Bernardino County, California, and across the continent is real-time truck security camera systems. By using live monitoring service, agents can watch over and protect a property 24/7. Not only can they see the entire site inside and out (so criminals have nowhere to hide), but they can use two-way speakers to intervene before a criminal can strike.

For instance, if a truck yard remote video surveillance agent notices someone lurking around outside a property, they can use the speaker system to let the person know that they are being watched and tell them that they must leave the property immediately or police will be called. Criminals know that if police receive a verified call that a potential crime is in progress, they will place a higher priority on the call.

They also know that, if this call is made before they can even enter the property, the chances of them being caught are much higher. Therefore, they’ll usually leave right away without causing any damage to the site. 

Live monitored security cameras for trucks and truck yards provide comprehensive protection from criminals while also allowing agents to watch the property for protocol and procedure violations, safety issues, and many other situations. For more information on how these systems work and details that will help you protect your San Bernardino property, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.