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In any busy trucking facility, there are a lot of things happening at once. The potential for accidents is ever-present.

While accident avoidance is the best outcome, ensuring that all staff and visitors are wearing proper safety equipment will reduce the risk of injury should the worst happen.

With the size of some truck yards, it’s almost impossible for onsite supervisory staff to see what every employee is doing or wearing at any given time.

Without the ability to be everywhere at once, is there a way for a Site Supervisor to get a helping hand?


When Birdseye’s systems are installed in a facility, Birdseye agents are supervising all activity across the entire yard perimeter and interior, 24/7.

They have the ability to see in many places at once, and in more than just a passive capacity. Birdseye agents will watch for infractions to client safety policies and intervene using Voice-Down™.

By reminding onsite employees to utilize proper protective equipment and/or to follow safety procedures, many potential incidents can be avoided.

Knowing that agents are observing the yard, employees typically get into the habit of always wearing safety equipment and following proper procedures.

It is not unusual for agents to observe an experienced employee reminding a new person to wear their equipment even before agents have the chance to intervene.

Customers report a significant reduction in the incidence of employees not following safety protocols, reducing their risk of injury.

A reduction of injury is a reduction in risk, and when safety inspectors or insurance adjusters visit, they love seeing a truck yard with every employee wearing PPE.

Employees also appreciate the reminders! They know that this equipment keeps them safe, and rarely are they not using their PPE intentionally.

They value their safety too and will appreciate that their employer is proactively concerned about their welfare.


Birdseye Agents, assisted by intelligent technology, log all details related to the inappropriate use of safety equipment and/or employees not adhering to safety protocols. All interventions by agents with employees are noted, as well as the employee’s response.

Detailed reports are distributed to clients on a regular schedule. Upon request, video footage of incidents can be pulled from archives.