Safety Supervision Service

Safety Enforcement Video

Monitoring and enforcing safety protocols is critical to maintaining a safe workplace. However, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and other protocols is often difficult. While organizations can create policies and request that employees and visitors follow them, this may not always happen and potential issues usually aren’t recognized until it’s too late.

If a site isn’t being monitored at all times, it’s likely that management won’t find out that there is a safety or protocol violation until someone is injured or has a near-miss incident. It can be incredibly valuable to recognize issues before they result in an accident.

Unfortunately, using onsite staff or security guards to enforce safety protocols usually isn’t feasible or practical. The number of people who would physically need to be on site to watch for protocol violations would be extensive, as would the cost.

With live remote monitoring, agents can view the entire property with ease. If an agent notices a protocol violation – such as a driver walking out of their vehicle without a safety vest  – they can immediately communicate with the site directly to correct the violation. A simple request from the agent is usually enough for the driver to realize they’re not wearing their vest, and then go back to their truck to get it.

Over time, drivers will become more aware of rules and policies, which increases compliance.

Birdseye Security Solutions offers protocol enforcement and monitoring services that keep properties safe. This includes ensuring proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and policing onsite behavior and adherence to speed limits.

This means situations will be resolved before they become issues or incidents. The result is a site that is safer, more efficient, and operating in compliance with rules and regulations. Using live remote monitoring services for safety enforcement is a cost-effective way to keep a property safe and it frees up onsite staff to work in other capacities.

The Reporting Capabilities of Live Remote Monitoring

In addition to spotting incidents and resolving compliance issues, live remote monitoring agents also keep detailed records of all incidents, including “near misses.” Since near miss situations do not involve incidents or injuries, these statistics would otherwise be unknown to management.

When a situation is spotted, agents will intervene to prevent unsafe behaviors to ensure compliance. They will also record the action that was noticed and specific details about where and when it occurred. This kind of detailed incident reporting enables clients to discuss issues with staff. If an organization notices a trend – such as a large number of staff members not wearing appropriate safety equipment, for example – they can use this information and then provide staff with additional training, for instance.

Beyond noticing incidents that happen on site, agents also visually inspect and report on any vehicle and trailer damage to trucks or other vehicles as they arrive at the gates. This ensures that damage is noticed as soon as possible and that the responsible party is always identifiable.

Using live remote monitoring for safety enforcement helps companies stay on top of protocol violations and other incidents. This reduces injuries and accidents while helping the company be proactive in promoting safety and efficiency. For more information, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.