How To Improve Safety and Efficiency in Industrial Warehousing

How to Improve Efficiency and Safety in Industrial Warehousing

When it comes to industrial warehousing and trucking, it’s no surprise that every business wants to be more efficient, and safety is always a key concern as well. In fact, industrial facilities, warehouses, truck yards, and other such properties share many similar concerns and many revolve around safety and efficiency. 

Increasing Safety and Efficiency in Industrial Warehousing

These truck yards are often quite large, which creates challenges, and they often have many “moving parts” as well. Trucks are coming and going, containers and pallets are regularly moved throughout the site, and there are many different staff doing many different jobs at all hours of the day. This can make it tough to keep track of what’s going on at the site. Unfortunately, that can mean that assets could get lost or damaged, which affects business activities and the reputation of your company.

Security issues are also a concern. Warehousing, trucking, and industrial facilities are common targets for criminals. They know these properties have many assets that can easily be sold for profit on the black market, and they take advantage of how large and busy the sites are to commit crimes without being noticed.

The good news is that there is a solution that can resolve both of these issues. Live remote monitoring improves safety and efficiency at warehouses, industrial properties, truck yards, and many other locations.

How Live Video Monitoring Works

Live video monitoring systems use cameras and other security technologies so that trained agents can watch over a property 24/7. There are several benefits to these systems.

First of all, agents are able to see more than those on truck yards. Even if you have many staff members or security guards walking throughout a property, they likely won’t be able to see everything that is happening at a large site. In addition, cameras can record high-quality footage in nearly all conditions, including low-light situations.

If monitoring agents notice anything suspicious, dangerous, or otherwise unexpected, they can use two-way speakers to communicate with the site directly. This lets them be proactive in all situations and prevent them from escalating.

Live monitoring agents can also take responsibility for many different roles at a property, such as gate access, parking assignments, access control, inventory tracking, protocol management, and much more. 

What Live Video Monitoring Does for Safety and Efficiency for Industrial Warehousing

There are many ways that live video monitoring improves safety and efficiency at industrial warehousing facilities. Since monitoring agents can see the entire site, they can react to suspicious situations such as criminals lurking around outside the gates. Unlike an alarm system or an unmonitored camera, agents can intervene to prevent these situations from escalating.

Typically, an agent will use the two-way speaker system to inform the person that they are being watched and that they must leave the property immediately or the police will be called. Since criminals don’t want to be caught in the act, they’ll leave the site before they can cause any damage.

Monitoring teams can also verify drivers as they arrive at the gates. This not only improves security, but agents will note the time of arrival, the driver’s name, the vehicle and trailer number, and other important information. They can also check the manifest and record this information as well.

The agent will then assign a parking spot and use the cameras and speakers to ensure that this parking assignment is followed. The result is that you’ll always know where all trailers are located. This saves time and eliminates hassle.

Should goods be moved out of the trailer, the agents will note this and record the new location of anything that is moved. When you have live remote video monitoring at your property, you won’t have to worry about losing track of important assets or shipments. Agents will have detailed records of all inventory along with video footage to support these records. 

Live video monitoring agents can even watch the site for safety risks, such as someone not wearing personal protective equipment, and correct protocol violations as they happen.

The result is a safer and more efficient site. For more information on how live video monitoring can help in industrial warehousing situations, please do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.