Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection Monitoring

Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection Monitoring Video

Pre- and post-trip inspections are vital checkpoints in any truck yard. Conducting detailed and thorough inspections before a truck leaves the yard, as well as once it returns, is crucial to ensuring that vehicles are fit for service. Proper inspections reduce the risk of roadside mechanical failure, accidents, fines, and more.

If an unsafe vehicle is on the road, there’s a higher chance of it failing, getting into an accident, or having another serious issue. Not only will this obviously delay the shipment, but it could also cause serious damage or injury. For this reason, roadside inspection agents are quite tough on unsafe vehicles.

If safety violations are found, not only will the company be hit with a significant fine, but it could mean substantial time off the road as well. This is incredibly costly for a trucking company and frequent violations will harm the company’s reputation. 

Regular vehicle and truck inspections improve the likelihood that loads will arrive safely and on time. However, these aren’t always done accurately and completely. A detailed and thorough inspection is important, but it also takes time. Some drivers are so focused on getting deliveries done quickly, that they rush through inspections to get on the road faster.

Unfortunately, while this is usually done with good intent, it can have very negative consequences. For this reason, it’s important to monitor inspections so that you are certain they have been completed correctly.

However, this is often easier said than done. Stationing an employee or manager at the inspection area isn’t practical and, in most cases, it’s not feasible. Most organizations cannot afford to pay to have a person dedicated only to inspection monitoring and this usually isn’t a wise use of personnel either. 

How Remote Monitoring Ensures Thorough Inspections

Birdseye Security can ensure that truck inspections are completed properly. This is done through live remote monitoring. The system works by installing high-definition cameras, two-way speakers, and other monitoring tools at a property.

Agents can watch the entire site in real time. This includes the inspection area. Monitoring staff are trained to ensure that drivers follow all protocol and conduct detailed inspections. Agents can make sure that drivers check all important aspects of the vehicle and trailer and can communicate with the site using two-way speakers if anything has been missed. 

If necessary, Birdseye agents can deny exit until a properly thorough pre-trip inspection has been completed. This is possible since agents are also responsible for access control. If a driver does not properly complete their inspection, the agent will let them know that they are not permitted to leave the property until they return to the inspection area and perform a thorough inspection.

Over time, drivers will learn that skipping the inspection takes longer and is more of a hassle than completing it properly, and the result will be safer and more reliable vehicles.

For more information on how remote pre- and post-trip inspections can help your business, and what Birdseye Security Solutions can do to improve safety and security at your property, please do not hesitate to contact us today.