Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security Video

Maintaining a secure perimeter is a crucial part of protecting a property. If you can spot potentially dangerous situations and keep criminals out of your site, you’ll be able to maintain a safe and secure environment. However, proper property protection requires 100% coverage at all times. Criminals look for unprotected areas or gaps in security coverage and strike when they have the chance. 

However, camera coverage combined with 24/7 active remote monitoring keeps them from striking. High-definition cameras are installed so that agents can get clear footage of your property in any lighting or weather condition.

This is an improvement over security guards, who cannot realistically be expected to see the entire perimeter at once, and who will likely have issues seeing at night or in poor weather. Plus, criminals know that they can wait for a guard to make their rounds and then attempt to enter a property when the area is unprotected. This isn’t possible with live remote monitoring. Agents will see the entire property at all times. 

Unlike alarm systems, Birdseye Remote Monitoring Agents can intervene in evolving situations to prevent intrusions. If need be, agents can call in emergency services quickly. For instance, if someone attempts to climb over a fence or if a person is lurking around near gates or walls, the monitoring team will notice these situations before the criminal has gained access to the property.

With an alarm system, no one is notified of a crime in progress until it’s already underway. Alarms are only typically triggered when someone accesses a restricted area. By the time an alarm sounds, the criminal has already cut through the fence or broken through a door. Criminals move quickly, so they’ll likely be in and out of a property before anyone can react to the alarm.

With live remote monitoring, agents can spot suspicious situations before they turn into crimes. Since cameras are positioned so they can capture footage from the entire perimeter, no matter where a criminal tries to hide, they will be spotted.

How Voice-Down™ Technology Keeps Criminals Out

If a suspicious situation is noted, agents can use the Birdseye Voice-Down™ service to engage in two-way interactive communication with the property. For instance, the agent can let the person lurking outside your fence know that they are being watched and that the authorities will be contacted unless they leave the area.

Criminals aren’t deterred by alarms or unmonitored cameras because they know that they’ll be long gone before anyone is aware of their crime. But Birdseye Remote Monitoring catches criminals in the act and lets them know they’ve been spotted. This keeps them from striking. 

If agents need to call the police, they can contact them directly while the criminal is still at your property. Since the situation is an active crime scene, police may place a higher priority on the call. They’ll know that it’s not a false alarm, which is unfortunately the case with many unmonitored systems.

But that isn’t what happens with live remote monitoring. For more information, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. Our team can help you find the right perimeter security solution that will keep your property safe.