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Mobile Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Whether your organization needs temporary surveillance or longer-term monitoring of a remote or off-grid location, Birdseye Security’s remote mobile video surveillance services can be the perfect solution.

Using a remote camera system and mobile CCTV surveillance tools, Birdseye Security protects construction sites, industrial properties, and other temporary or remote sites.

The self-contained Birdseye Security monitoring trailers can be quickly deployed and relocated as necessary to ensure effective monitoring at even the most challenging locations. We utilize state-of-the art mobile video surveillance equipment to create a self-contained security solution that is effective at stopping trespassers and other criminals even in locations that have inconsistent power, poor lighting, and other security challenges.

Remote Site Surveillance Solutions: Mobile View Cameras & More

Remote sites – such as construction sites and industrial locations – can be challenging in terms of security. For instance, a location could lack proper lighting, have unstable or inconsistent electricity, or could be missing physical infrastructure needed to install traditional cameras. However, no matter the situation or location, mobile video surveillance tools from Birdseye can keep a property safe.

Our mobile surveillance services are built for rapid deployment and can be adapted to provide superior security at nearly any site.

Mobile video surveillance from Birdseye is a self-contained solution that features:

  • Battery back-ups in case of power outages
  • Flexible installation – cameras and lights can be installed on poles, roofs, or other locations as necessary
  • The ability to operate on hardwired internet or a wireless connection
  • Set-ups that can expand to handle changing security needs
  • The flexibility needed to change the set up as required
  • The capability to access CCTV on mobile devices, PCs, and laptops
  • And more

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Security

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Physical Security.

Nothing is immune to the impact of technology. Learn how AI is forcing security to evolve.


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The CCTV mobile view feature let you watch your cameras securely from anywhere with an internet connection. This provides strong peace of mind and additional security.

Birdseye Security professionals also monitor the cameras at all times to react to suspicious situations and respond to trouble conditions as necessary. For more information, please contact us today.

How a Mobile Video Surveillance System Works

The Birdseye mobile surveillance solution features a complete mobile camera system. Using mobile surveillance camera technology, each camera is monitored by our professional team 24/7. Mobile video surveillance cameras can be mounted on poles, walls, or other surfaces, depending on the situation.

Each mobile view camera:

  • is designed to capture high-quality video, even in low-light conditions
  • features pan-tilt-zoom functions to maximize the amount of the property that can be viewed
  • is weatherproof, to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
    can be layered with AI to add additional information about a scene
  • allows CCTV access on mobile, making it possible to view the cameras on computers and mobile devices

Our mobile surveillance trailers can be used on nearly any site, even temporary locations such as construction sites. This state-of-the art digital mobile surveillance system includes a complete mobile CCTV system, with all cameras watched over by trained security professionals at all times.

For more information, please contact us today.

Comparing Mobile Video Surveillance to Traditional On-Site Security Guards

On-site security guards can provide good protection, but they simply can’t be everywhere at once. In most cases, a company will station one guard at each entrance and perhaps have other guards making their rounds throughout the property.

This quickly becomes cost-prohibitive, and it still isn’t possible for guards to monitor every area of a property at once.

Despite the difficulty in using onsite security guards, the need for constant surveillance can be essential. This is especially true where high-value assets are at risk of theft or damage, or in dangerous locations where there is a significant liability risk if the area is accessed inappropriately.

Birdseye Security mobile surveillance trailers are an excellent alternative to traditional onsite security at difficult and remote job sites.

With these trailers, agents will monitor your site and act to prevent incidents while following protocols and provide ongoing reports on all activity.

For off-grid locations, trailers are entirely self-sufficient and do not need to be hooked into a power grid. This allows for maximum adaptability at any remote site.

For more information on mobile video surveillance, please contact us today.

Mobile Surveillance for Temporary Surveillance Solutions

Preventing security or safety incidents and minimizing financial or legal liabilities is crucial at all properties. However, there are many instances when temporary monitoring of a site or event is beneficial, such as at a construction site, for example.

Some situations where security may be needed include:

  • Monitoring activity while heavy equipment is present
  • Preventing the theft of supplies and tools
  • Ensuring job site safety protocols are being followed by workers on site
  • Deterring trespassers during off-hours
  • And many others

Security is essential to the proper management of any temporary job site. Birdseye Security mobile surveillance trailers are a great solution for short-term monitoring. These units are independently powered but provide all the same services and protection as our permanent facility installations. For more information, please contact us today.