Long Beach, California Video Monitoring Security Tools & How They Work


Understanding Video Monitoring Security Options in Long Beach California location.

There are many ways to keep a business safe, and security cameras are one of the most established and most trusted methods. However, not all Long Beach video monitoring security camera services are the same. And certainly not all security camera set ups are the same. Choosing the right one for your business requires having information on all available options and considering how each choice would work at your site.

Understanding Long Beach Video Monitoring Security Options

The Differences Between Active Monitoring and Unmonitored Cameras

One of the most important aspects of video surveillance cameras to understand is that there is a significant difference between monitored and unmonitored cameras. Unmonitored cameras generally just capture evidence. This footage may be useful to police or your insurance company during an investigation, but it doesn’t stop a crime from occurring.

Monitored cameras, on the other hand, are watched by trained security professionals. With live remote monitoring, security teams are watching all cameras 24/7. Thanks to the positioning of cameras in these setups, and their pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities, the agents can see the entire property at all times. Not only can they see what happens, but they can also react to it. If the agents notice anything suspicious, they can use two-way speakers, lighting, and other security tools to deter the criminals. Agents can even call the police if necessary.

If this call is made, the police will be told all the details about the situation as they are happening. This information helps police prepare a response and lets them know that a verified crime is in progress, not a false alarm.

Comparing Long Beach Video Monitoring Security to Other Types of Protection


It’s also important to consider other types of security when preparing the protection plan for your business. Much like it’s vital to understand the differences between monitored and unmonitored cameras when considering surveillance options, it’s also important to recognize the differences between active and passive security.

Passive security is unable to respond to situations in advance and prevent crimes. For instance, consider an alarm system. Even one that is designed to contact security or the police as soon as it sounds will only react to a crime that has already happened. The alarm might sound if a window is broken or a door is forced open, for example.

This is different from a monitored camera or a security guard. With live monitoring or on-site security, agents can respond to situations before they develop into crimes. This reduces loss and property damage and keeps your business safer.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

Long Beach, California Video Monitoring Security or On-Site Guards?

Both video monitoring and on-site security guards are active security options. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are completely equal. There are several differences between these two security types that are important to note.

  • Security guards cannot be everywhere at once
    • Even if a property employs multiple security guards, it simply isn’t possible for them to watch over an entire property at all times. Guards who make their rounds throughout a property, for example, can’t be everywhere at once.
    • In situations where guards have to respond to suspicious activity, this often takes them away from watching the rest of the property. For example, if a guard needs to investigate someone in a building’s parking garage, this will likely mean that they’ll be leaving other areas unmonitored, even temporarily.
    • Video monitoring professionals can respond to situations using two-way voice and other tools, while still being able to monitor the entire property.
  • Guards are often a costly option
    • Video monitoring services can often provide strong active security at a reduced cost when compared to security guards
  • Security guards can be distracted, overpowered, or intimidated
    • Large groups of criminals or armed criminals may be able to distract or threaten on-site guards. This is not an issue with remote security services.
  • Guards must rely on their memories
    • If a crime does occur, security guards will need to rely on their memories or any notes they have taken when describing the situation. These recollections may be incomplete. With remote monitoring, video footage of the situation can be pulled and reviewed, providing police, insurance agents, and any other relevant parties with 100% accurate information.

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