Live Video Monitoring Service For Business Site Security

Key Bennefits of  Real-Time Video Monitoring:

  • check greenReal-Time Coverage
  • check greenCrime Deterrence
  • check greenVirtual Guards
  • check greenSave Money – less than Security Guards
  • check greenBig Financial Savings


What is live video monitoring?

Live video monitoring services reduce property damage and loss, enforce safety and security polices, provide detailed data and analysis, and make businesses safer and more efficient.

Remote video monitoring secures trucking and industrial yards, automotive lots, construction sites, warehouse facilities, and other large commercial properties better than security guards or traditional passive surveillance systems.

Trust remote video monitoring from Birdseye Security Solutions for:

Perimeter security

  • Our team monitors and manages perimeter security in real-time thanks to our advanced analytical cameras monitored by experienced security professionals
  • We watch for and respond to trespassing attempts, theft, vandalism, and other serious crimes and infractions before they happen
  • The Birdseye Security Solutions team can also remotely manage access control gates as a replacement for costly security guards or inefficient key fob systems

Interior security

  • We can also monitor interior spaces to stop theft, vandalism, or dangerous behavior before it occurs
  • Live remote video monitoring makes it possible to detect and deter crimes before they happen and react immediately to suspicious situations with voice commands, lights, and quick access to law enforcement authorities as needed

Inventory management

  • Using remote video monitoring, our team can take responsibility for assigning and monitoring parking spots, keeping an eye on critical inventory, and maintaining site security 24/7

Protocol enforcement

  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and company policies with our remote monitoring cameras and speaker systems
  • For instance, live video monitoring cameras can be installed in vehicle inspection areas to make sure all inspections are completed correctly and accurately. This not only makes your business safer, but ensures that you are following laws and regulations

All data points are logged, and all information is provided directly to our clients, allowing you to know what’s happening on your site at all times.

For more information on our remote video monitoring services and how we can help your business be more secure, efficient, and safe, please contact us today.

What is remote surveillance?

Remote monitoring used to require a separate internet connection to send captured images or videos of your facility, however now your internet connection can be used to send captured images and video footage to the remote location.

“Remote monitored video surveillance” is the term used for using technology to monitor a physical location from a location different than the monitored location.

With a modern surveillance system you’d get the most out of the equipment by putting everything to use – everything from the many ways the devices can be monitored to all of their functions. Read on to learn some of the more important ways to take advantage of this piece of video surveillance technology.



Live Video Monitoring Solutions

What is remote video monitoring?

Live real-time video monitoring takes a proactive approach to facility security and management. Rather than wait for a crime to occur or sit unaware of a company policy being ignored, have the peace of mind in knowing that your property is being actively secured by experienced professionals.

Passive surveillance systems don’t keep sites safe.
In many cases, these services only record footage without the ability to react. This provides video evidence after a crime takes place, but it does nothing to stop a crime in progress or keep a crime from occurring in the first place.

Passive systems are limited in their ability to interfere, often only reacting if triggered by an alarm. By the time onsite guards or the police are notified, it’s too late.

A live person watching camera footage and reacting as necessary is undoubtedly superior to having only video archives. At Birdseye Security Solutions, our cameras are all monitored at all times by trained security professionals. Plus, our advanced camera systems are layered with artificial intelligence (AI) to help us keep properties safe, secure, and running efficiently.

When you choose Birdseye Security Solutions for live video monitoring, all equipment – including all cameras, speakers, and other necessary tools – is installed at no cost to you. This means there’s no upfront investment for most businesses.

Find out how remote video surveillance can help your company. Contact us today.


Some organizations combine onsite security guards with passive surveillance camera systems in an attempt to protect against theft, vandalism, and property damage. However, they quickly realize that they are paying more than what they need to for inadequate protection. They come to recognize that passive surveillance systems are only useful to investigate issues after they have occurred – and prevention is the real goal.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

Comparing Traditional Onsite Security Guards to Remote Monitoring

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Security is critical to any business.
But what is best: Onsite Guards or Remote Monitoring?


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To receive a comparable level of safety and security, a business would have to staff multiple security guards in locations all across a property at all hours of the day. Even if this were possible, there are limits to what security guards can do. They simply cannot watch all areas of a property at all times. Remote video monitoring setups do not have these weak spots.

With live video monitoring, you receive 24/7 protection of your entire facility at a cost that is often less than working with security guards.

security guards vs remote video monitoring solutions


Birdseye Security Solutions is a North American leader in safety and security. Businesses from trucking companies and warehouses to automotive lots and construction site operators trust our live remote video surveillance services to keep their companies safe.

Our state-of-the-art cameras don’t just capture clear footage in all conditions, but our system is also layered with AI to assist our agents in responding to suspicious incidents and potentially dangerous situations quickly and effectively.

Birdseye’s professionally trained agents are dedicated to a single client. Clients can count on working with the same agents every day.

Agents get to know clients’ employees, protocols, and preferences on handling standard activities as they occur. They effectively operate an extension of your own employee team. All agents are specifically trained on your protocols and policies and are available to you anytime via phone, email, or video call.

Depending on the number, size, and complexity of operations at a facility, multiple dedicated agents may be assigned.

Assignments for peak-time traffic are dynamic, ensuring that when things get busy, Birdseye can expand coverage to up to four agents, ensuring that all events are processed in real-time.

Birdseye agents are always supervised and monitored to ensure peak performance. Their compensation includes incentives for outcomes that are meaningful to our clients – such as incident prevention.

Contact us today for more information on how our team can keep your business safe and running efficiently.

Five Reasons to Choose a Live Monitoring System to Protect Your Business

When it comes to business security, two things stand out as being important: One, you obviously want to make sure that the security is effective, but two, it also needs to fit into your budget. The two goals often work together. No business owner wants to spend money on security that doesn’t work and, if you’re going to pay for security, it had better keep your assets safe.

A live monitoring system achieves both goals. Here are five reasons why live remote monitoring is a good choice for business security.

A Live Monitoring System Covers Your Entire Property

Security guards are a common choice for many businesses. However, while guards can be proactive in noticing suspicious situations and responding to them, they simply cannot be everywhere at once. No matter how many guards you have, it’s very unlikely that they’ll be able to watch over your entire property 24/7. A live monitoring system can.

Cameras can be installed so agents have a complete view of your entire property. No matter what happens at your business, or when it happens, agents will see it and be able to respond.

Live Agents Respond to Situations Before They Escalate

Responding to situations is a key benefit of a live monitoring system. Alarm systems, for example, only sound when a crime has already happened. If a criminal breaks a window or cuts through a gate, the alarm will ring and this will hopefully deter the criminal from continuing. Some alarm systems are connected to a central station while others may be set up to contact police directly. However, in all of these cases, action is only taken after a crime has already been committed.

This is notable for two reasons. One is that criminals often damage property during crimes. If your security system doesn’t react until a window is smashed, for instance, you’ll still have to repair a broken window even if the criminals don’t steal anything.

Another negative is that, if the police are only called after the crime has already happened, there is a good chance that the criminals will be gone from the scene before authorities arrive. They know this and, thus, alarm systems do not deter them.

With a live monitoring system, agents will notice suspicious situations as soon as they begin. For example, if an agent notices someone standing outside your fence with a crowbar, they can react before the person uses the tool to break through your gates. Agents can use two-way speakers to communicate with the site, lighting to deter criminals, and they can even call security guards or police.

They can do this all before a crime even happens, decreasing the likelihood of the crime and increasing the chances of authorities catching the criminal.

Monitoring Means Verified Calls

Since the live monitoring professionals have a complete view of your property, if they do call police to report a crime, the call will be a verified emergency. Unfortunately, with unmonitored alarms, false alarms are common.

When a live security agent contacts the police to report a crime, and provides them with real-time details about the situation, police may place a higher priority on the call because they know it’s real. Plus, the more information police have, the more they can prepare for the situation they may be facing.

A Live Monitoring System Can Save You Money

How much does 24 hour surveillance cost?

As mentioned, security guards can actively respond to suspicious situations. However, hiring enough guards to effectively protect a property 24/7 can quickly become very cost prohibitive. On the other hand, a live monitoring system can cover 100% of your property 24/7 at a rate that is often less expensive than other security methods.

When the effectiveness of the system is factored in, choosing to use live remote monitoring can save your company money while also improving your security.

Video Footage Documents Incidents

Live monitoring system agents do more than just respond to criminal activity. They can also take note of accidents, protocol violations, and much more. In fact, not only can agents notify a business owner about potential issues, but their reports are backed up by video evidence.

Security guards can also report on a variety of situations, but they must rely on their memories or their notes as evidence. When you have a live monitoring system installed, there is always video footage available to provide a definitive account of what happened. This video can be useful for investigations by the police or insurance agents as well as for training purposes and several other reasons.


Birdseye Solutions’ agents are a cut above the rest. All agents are professionally trained and university educated and many agents have previous backgrounds in law enforcement and security that allow them to not only observe, but also to intelligently anticipate client needs.

Agents aren’t merely passive observers; they are actively involved in not only the security aspects of monitoring client facilities but also in communicating with and responding to anyone in your facility – from providing assistance or directions to intervening with trespassers and enforcing safety protocols.

This makes our team the right choice for your business. Contact us today for more information.

Remote Off-Site Video Monitoring

An off-site CCTV monitoring system is watched over by trained security professionals. This means the entire property can be viewed remotely. It also means that agents can respond to situations and interject to resolve them before they escalate. Stopping a crime before it happens is much more effective than trying to find a criminal after they’ve already caused damaged and stolen assets.

What is off-site monitoring?

An offsite monitoring surveillance system uses security guards and live remote technology to ensure that you’re alerted when an alarm is activated, so you can take immediate steps to respond, send out guards, or call emergency services.

For an offsite video monitoring set up to be effective, the system needs to be able to view the entire property.

Live Video Monitoring Service By strategically installing CCTV cameras throughout a property and positioning them so the entire site can be viewed remotely, it becomes possible to see the entire site.

This sort of set up actually allows remote agents to see more of a property than those on site, since the remote team can see the entire location with no blind spots while an employee or guard on site would need to walk throughout the property to see everything.

High-definition video cameras can capture incredible detail, even in low-light conditions. This means that agents can see what is happening at the property even when it gets dark.

This is a significant advantage when compared to on-site guards, who may need flashlights to see in these situations. Unfortunately, criminals can spot flashlight beams and work to avoid them. This isn’t an issue with off-site video monitoring cameras.

Cameras can also be overlayed with artificial intelligence (AI). This lets them “see” more than an individual could. For instance, AI can notice small movements that can be difficult for people to detect, or it can alert agents if a door that should be closed has been left open. This increases the power of the system, prevents crime, and keeps people safe.

Other Parts of an Off Site Video Monitoring System

Remote monitoring systems include more than just cameras. Security agents also need to interact with those at the site. Various tools are used to accomplish this. For instance, the system will also include two-way speakers. This lets the remote agents communicate with those at the property. This can drastically improve the security level at a location.

For example, if monitoring station staff notice that someone is walking around the perimeter of your property, they can use two-way speakers to communicate with the person. That allows them to ask the person to identify themselves and state why they are at the site.

If they are not authorized to be around the property, the agents can inform the person that they must leave the scene immediately or police or other authorities will be contacted. In most cases, once someone knows that they are being watched, they will leave the scene rather than risk the consequences.

Remote agents can contact the authorities directly if needed. When communicating with them, they won’t just be able to provide details that will help the police prepare, but they will also be able to verify that the situation is actually happening.

Remote Off-Site Video Monitoring

This may sound strange at first, but it’s important to remember that there are often false alarms with unmonitored systems. Since the police have limited time and resources, they often give priority to verified calls.

An off-site video monitoring system may also include other sensors, depending on the site and its needs. For instance, moisture and temperature sensors could be installed and monitored by security staff. This will enable them to react to flood damage or drastic temperature changes which could cause property damage, disrupt business activities, or destroy valuable assets.

Beyond Security

As mentioned above, an off-site monitoring system can do more than protect against break ins and other crimes. Remote monitoring ensures that a property is safe and secure at all times. This means it does more than just stop criminals.

Remote monitoring agents can watch to make sure that all staff are wearing proper safety equipment and personal protective equipment, for example. If someone isn’t following protocols and procedures, remote staff can communicate directly with them and correct the behavior.

The result is a safer and more effective site. This won’t just protect your team and drastically reduce injuries and accidents, but it will also impress your clients. Companies want to work with organizations that are safe and efficient.

Trusting your company’s safety and security to a remote off-site video monitoring service is a cost-effective and powerful way to do exactly that.

North American Leader in Video Monitoring and Facility Supervision

Birdseye Security Solutions is one of the leading providers of remote real-time video monitoring and operations management solutions in North America. Birdseye clients can count on us to deliver value in three key areas: Security, Operations Management support, and Facility Protocol Enforcement.

Our Maximum Telepresence Approach™ combines intelligent use of technology with professionally trained remote agents, to detect and deter potential theft, vandalism, accidents, or other incidents for our clients. We enable our clients to not only reduce the risk (and cost) of potential incidents, but also improve the efficiency of their operations.

In most circumstances, the Birdseye Security Solution is proven to reduce our clients overall spending on security and surveillance in comparison to onsite security guards.