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Properly managing inventory is one of the most complexes, yet important tasks to operating a facility efficiently. Without accurate and real-time inventory oversight, items can get lost or misdirected and shipments can be delayed.

Even in a quiet facility, onsite staff can be challenged to keep an accurate view of inventory as new shipments arrive, items are picked up, and assets are moved around the yard.

It’s simply impossible for an onsite employee to be everywhere at once, to oversee all the movement of assets into, out of, and around the facility.


WIth the Birdseye Security solution in place, Birdseye agents are available to support the complex task of managing inventory – even in the busiest of facilities.

The Birdseye solution combines the intelligent use of technology with professionally trained agents – to ensure that goods are tracked from the moment they enter the facility to the moment they leave, including any potential movement within the facility.

As agents process the arrival of vehicles to the facility, they can process manifests, matching the contents to a trailer identification number(s) and assigned parking space(s).

They monitor the delivery of the trailer to the assigned location – and can intervene should there be any potential for error. If the contents of a trailer are being removed and distributed amongst other vehicles, that can also be supervised throughout the facility.

Any departing drivers are processed at the departure gate. Again, manifests can be checked to ensure the right vehicle has the right trailer and is headed to the right destination.

Should there be any discrepancies, they will be caught before the vehicle leaves the facility reducing the potential impact of the error.


As Birdseye agents process incoming and outgoing vehicles, all information associated with them is logged in real-time.

This includes important information such as the inventory manifest, identifying marks on the truck and trailer (e.g license plate, trailer numbers, etc.), arrival/departure time, and driver identity.

While assets remain in the yard, any movement can be tracked and recorded as well to ensure that nothing, once arrived, becomes lost.

All of this information is recorded electronically, in real-time to ensure accurate and complete information for inventory reporting.

Video archive is available as proof of the accuracy of the information captured in the reports.

Automated reporting is available for all inventory information to clients on the frequency they require.