Inspection Enforcement and Remote Monitoring Systems

Inspection Enforcement and Remote Monitoring

Pre-trip and post-trip inspections are vital checkpoints in any truck yard. Inspections validate that vehicles are fit for service, play an essential role in avoiding unnecessary fines for drivers and trucking organizations, and improve the likelihood of loads arriving safely and on time.

However, these inspections are not always completed when they should be – and they’re not always as thorough as they need to be even when they are conducted. Proper pre-trip and post-trip inspections can be the difference between a citation and a load arriving on time and undamaged.

Vehicles that are not properly inspected can crash, break down, or be caught by roadside inspection agents, resulting in significant delays and penalties. Repeated failure to conduct proper inspections is costly for the business and can harm a trucking company’s reputation.

While “walk-arounds” are an important risk-reduction strategy, many drivers do not perform complete or thorough inspections every time. Complicating the situation further, it can be difficult for operators to hold drivers accountable if their activities are not monitored.

Without monitoring, there’s no way to know if an inspection actually occurred and if this inspection was thorough. However, in-person monitoring is expensive and, for many businesses, it’s simply not practical. This is where remote monitoring can help.

Pre & Post Trip Inspection Enforcement

Ensuring that pre-and post-trip inspections are completed is a critical task that can be expertly handled by remote monitoring. Agents are trained to monitor drivers while they complete their inspection activity. They validate that drivers check all important vehicle and trailer systems, and can easily identify whether a driver has overlooked important inspection protocols or if the inspection is less than thorough.

Remote monitoring services involve setting up cameras, speakers, and sensors around a property. These tools give monitoring agents a full picture of what’s happening on-site. The system can be watched 24/7 by trained professionals, making sure you always know what’s happening on your property.

Birdseye understands the importance of comprehensive safety inspections and our state-of-the-art technologies make it possible for agents to not only monitor inspections, but also to intervene when necessary.

Our unique Voice-Down™ two-way interactive communication system involves using speakers with two-way audio capabilities to communicate with on-site personnel as needed. This means monitoring agents can quickly and easily inform any driver who has not done a thorough inspection that they need to properly complete the inspection before they can leave the yard.

Should it be necessary, agents can deny exit access at the gate to drivers who have not completed a detailed inspection of their vehicle, redirecting them back to the inspection area. Upon confirmation of proper completion, the driver will be granted access to leave the facility and continue with their route. This makes trucking safer and more efficient.

Over time, drivers learn to recognize the monitoring standards in place and, on their own accord, perform thorough inspections every time without action from monitoring staff.

For more information, please contact Birdseye Security today. We can help ensure complete and thorough vehicle inspections at your truck yard, saving your company’s reputation and your bottom line.

Inspection Reporting

In addition to monitoring, the Birdseye solution also records both the process and the duration of all vehicle inspections, with video archived for 30 days

Birdseye Agents, assisted by intelligent technology, log inspection details such as duration of the inspection, the areas checked, the proper use of PPE while performing the inspection, and any necessary remedial actions that were taken to resolve issues uncovered during the inspection.

Detailed reports are distributed to clients on a regular schedule. Upon request, video footage of inspections can be pulled from archives. This process not only ensures that inspections are completed properly, but the reports and footage generated can be used for employee training, policy creation, and much more.

Remote monitoring from Birdseye Security helps your truck yard operate more efficiently. It prevents drivers from taking dangerous vehicles on the road. It reduces the number of fines your company is faced with. It improves the reliability and reputation of your business.

By choosing Birdseye for remote monitoring, you are partnering with a North American leader in video monitoring and facility supervision. For more information on our inspection enforcement services, or for further details on how remote monitoring can help your business, please contact us today.