Incident Prevention in the Workplace

Unfortunately, incidents and accidents happen in all types of facilities. Often, they could have been prevented with proper supervision. And, for the people and organizations involved, preventing accidents is preferable to dealing with the consequences after they occur.

Stopping these situations from occurring is often called “incident prevention.” What is incident prevention? It is the process is making plans and preparations – and implementing these plans – to prevent accidents or avoid having them occur. In short, it’s about keeping your business safe.

Determining how to prevent incidents in the workplace is important for all businesses, especially large industrial sites such as warehouses, storage facilities, truck yards, and more. Traditionally, businesses have used some combination of gates, mirrors, signage, and human supervision for incident prevention.

However, with traditional onsite supervision, it’s not realistic for every activity in a facility to be supervised at all times. This leaves organizations vulnerable to incidents and accidents. Even with passive CCTV monitoring, recordings are only useful for after-the-fact incident investigations. They don’t stop incidents from happening.

Modern Incident Prevention Options

An effective and efficient solution to incident prevention issues is to use a technological solution that works: live video monitoring. With a live video monitoring service, you receive real-time surveillance 24/7. High-definition cameras are installed throughout your property, making it possible to keep track of everything that happens at all times.

Since these cameras are all monitored remotely by trained staff, you’ll always have a professional team watching over your facility. This makes it possible to enforce safety policies throughout the entire property. The security team can even spot potentially dangerous situations before an accident or injury occurs. This keeps your team safe and reduces risk for your organization.

Real-Time Monitoring and Incident Intervention

Birdseye Security starts by installing cameras at your facility, both around the perimeter and in your interior space. The camera system can be accompanied by speakers, which allow for two-way communication. Each system can be customized for the particular property and application.

Once the Birdseye Security solution is in place, you’ll have trained Birdseye agents monitoring the gates, perimeter, and interior of your facility, 24/7.

These agents can supervise the entire sites and are specifically trained to watch for opportunities to prevent incidents and accidents.

Empowered with our Voice-Down™ two-way communication system, agents can immediately alert employees to potential issues that could occur, keeping them safe.

Armed with clients’ safety policies and protocols, our team can advise employees to:

  • wear safety equipment
  • change course or direction
  • utilize tools properly
  • or intervene in any other behavior with the outcome of preventing incidents – and the liability involved.

In addition to ensuring that safety policies are followed, agents can also replace or augment the monitoring capacity of onsite supervisors and prevent messy clean-ups or injuries that come after an accident.

For more information on our incident prevent solution and details on how to prevent incidents in your workplace, please contact us today.

Incident and Near-Miss Reporting

In a traditional facility, near-misses (accidents that could have occurred but were averted) often go unreported. With a live video monitoring system, you know what’s happening in your facility at all times.

Birdseye agents, assisted by intelligent technology, log all incidents and near-misses that occur at a property. All information is reported to clients on a regular cadence, including links to video footage.

In addition to providing important management and investigative information, these reports represent an opportunity to improve protocols to reduce the potential for future incidents to occur.

Being able to identify when a certain area or activity is generating a lot of near-miss incidents can also help with assessing risk and implementing measures to prevent accidents and incidents.

How to Prevent Incidents in Workplace with Real-Time Monitoring

Creating safety policies and protocols is important for every business. However, making sure these policies are effective and that protocols are followed is equally crucial. Real-time video surveillance services ensure that your facility is monitored at all times.

Birdseye Security agents can:

  • Watch to make sure staff are following safety and security policies
  • Keep an eye out for potentially dangerous situations and report them before an incident occurs
  • Observe your team to see if policies need to be adjusted to improve them or if additional protocols need to be implemented
  • Provide data and video evidence that can be used to make your facility safer
  • And much more

Real-time video monitoring is used for incident prevention at warehouses, factories, truck yards, industrial sites, and many other large facilities to keep people safe and reduce liability for organizations. To find out how we can help your company, please contact us today.