How To Select The Best Construction Yard Security Cameras

How to Find the Best Buy Construction Yard Security Cameras for your Business

If you’re looking to find the best construction yard security cameras, a crucial thing to understand is that all camera systems can be broken down into two categories: monitored and unmonitored.

While there are various differences between specific types of cameras and different security companies, the differences between these two types is critical.

How To Select The Best Construction Yard Security Cameras

Unmonitored security cameras are usually used for reviewing evidence. This means they’re often consulted once a crime has already occurred. Unfortunately, criminals typically cause significant damage during their crimes, even if they’re unsuccessful at stealing what they’re looking for.

They’ll cut through gates, damage vehicles, break down doors, shatter windows, and much more in the process. That means you’ll be faced with costly and time-consuming repairs, which no business wants.

For this reason, unmonitored cameras cannot really be considered the best construction yard security cameras, no matter how clear the quality of their footage may be. Without monitored cameras, criminals are not deterred.

They know that if they can cover their faces and get in and out without being caught, the chances of them being identified are very low.

Why Live Security Camera Monitoring Works Best For Your Business?

Live remote monitoring systems make it possible for trained security professionals to watch over an entire property 24/7. This provides a significant advantage when compared to unmonitored cameras. A major reason why is that live monitoring services include more than just cameras.

Agents are also able to interact with the site through two-way speakers and other tools.

This means they can watch situations as they develop and act to deter criminals before they are able to strike.

For instance, if a security agent notices that someone is lurking outside of your construction site looking for an entry point, they can react immediately and use two-way speakers to inform the person that they are being watched.

They can tell them that they must leave the scene immediately and that the police will be called if they do not comply.

While criminals may not be deterred by unmonitored cameras, the threat of police being called before they can even attempt a break in is completely different. When monitoring staff contact the police directly, they can give them all the information they need about the current situation in real time.

Since police will have verification that criminals are at the property, they will likely place a higher priority on the call. That means the likelihood of them showing up and catching the criminals in the act is significantly higher.

This is why remote monitoring systems are a crucial factor if you’re looking for the best construction yard security cameras. Criminals understand how effective they are and actively work to avoid construction sites that have them installed.

Live Monitoring and Construction Sites

Construction sites are common targets for criminals because they contain valuables. Criminals are often interested in stealing materials, tools, and even vehicles from these sites. A big reason why criminals target construction sites over other properties is because they are quite large.

That makes them difficult to protect. It’s often very tough for security guards to see the entire site at once, especially in the dark.

High-definition security cameras can capture clear footage in nearly all conditions, including low-light situations and at night. Plus, since monitoring staff can view the entire property, there are no places for criminals to hide.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

They can’t wait in the shadows until a guard walks by nor can they threaten or intimidate anyone to get their way. Monitoring agents can do their jobs regardless of the conditions.

The best construction yard security cameras are the ones that not only capture evidence but that also deter criminals from striking. Traditional unmonitored cameras may help with an investigation after the fact, but criminals worry about being caught.

It’s nearly impossible to identify someone from security footage alone, especially if they’re wearing hoods or masks. Live monitoring systems, on the other hand, drastically increase the likelihood of being caught by confronting them before they strike, which causes criminals to think twice before striking a construction site.

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