How to Secure a Utility Trailer from Theft & Other Construction Security Trailer Tips


Vehicle & Trailer Theft Prevention

Vehicles, including utility trailers, are common targets for criminals. Not only are these high value assets, but they’re also relatively easy to get off of a property. Criminals often tow or push vehicles from a property if they’re not able to start them and drive them away.

Live Monitoring at Truck Yards, Parking Lots & Industrial Sites

If you want to know how to secure a utility trailer from theft, there are several ways to accomplish this goal. The first is properly locking it. Keep trailers and other vehicles inside locked garages whenever possible. If this isn’t an option, use physical tools to keep them from being easily stolen. That can include using wheel locks, chaining them to a permanent structure, or boxing them in between walls or other vehicles so they cannot be easily moved.

However, given enough time, criminals can break through many physical tools. This is why it’s important to monitor vehicles. When you have security cameras installed and trained security agents monitoring these cameras, criminals won’t have the time to work on circumventing physical protection. Security agents will be able to contact the site directly using two-way speakers to deter criminals.

Agents can also contact the police to handle the crime while it’s occurring. This is significantly different from an alarm system, for instance, which only sounds an alert when a crime happens. Monitoring agents can react before a crime occurs, working to deescalate the situation and contact the police while criminals are still on site. This decreases the chance of a crime happening and increases the chance of the criminal being caught if a crime does take place.

Live Monitoring at Truck Yards, Parking Lots & Industrial Sites

Trucks, trailers, and other vehicles can be stolen from truck yards or industrial sites. Criminals know that these places are often quite large and, unfortunately, that many such sites have poor security. For instance, if your property has security guards on site, they may be able to control access at the gates and walk around the property, but they can’t possibly monitor 100% of the site 24/7. Criminals know this and they take this opportunity to strike.

One key answer to the question “how to secure a utility trailer from theft?” is to make sure it is monitored. Live video monitoring services keep an eye on your property and your assets 24/7. They can be the perfect tool for securing vehicles at truck lots, parking lots, and other locations.

Agents will not only monitor the situation at your site, but they can also respond to prevent crimes. They can use two-way speakers to communicate with the site, lighting to deter criminals, and they can even contact security guards or the police directly to investigate a suspicious situation.

The Advantages of a Mobile Construction Security Trailer

Machinery, trailers, and other vehicles are often targets for criminals, especially at construction sites. However, construction sites have several unique security challenges. For instance, these sites are often changing frequently. This means that vehicles could be parked in one location on the lot on one day and another location on another.

If you want to know how to secure a utility trailer from theft, you need to know where it is and you need to be able to watch it no matter where it moves. Mobile video monitoring can watch the entire site.

Another potential weakness is that many construction sites lack the necessary infrastructure needed for traditional video surveillance. For instance, it may be difficult to find permanent fixtures to which cameras can be attached.

A mobile surveillance system, along with a mobile construction security trailer, can keep these sites safe. Cameras and other tools can be attached to roofs, poles, walls, or whichever other spots may be available. The system is adaptable, so it can change depending on the makeup of the site.

In addition, mobile trailers are completely self-sufficient, so they can function without being hooked up to the power grid. In addition, the system can use mobile internet in cases where strong broadband connections aren’t possible. This makes these tools incredibly adaptable.

For more information on mobile security and live monitoring services, and how these tools can keep construction sites and other such properties safe, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.