How to Increase Your Physical Security?


Tips to increase your physical security

No matter what type of business you operate, keeping it secure is important. There are many ways to accomplish this. CCTV cameras are an effective way of improving physical security. However, it’s important to get it right and use the correct strategies. Here are some tips you can use.

How to Use CCTV to Increase Your Physical Security

Security is important, no matter what sort of business you operate. When it comes to protecting property, two of the most common types of security are CCTV video surveillance cameras and physical security tools, such as gates, barriers, access control systems, security guards, and more.

How to Increase Your Physical Security?

These types of security often function alongside each other, with each type of tool accomplishing its own goals while simultaneously coming together to strengthen overall security.

It’s only natural that, as a business, you want to use CCTV to increase your physical security. However, since there are many ways to do this, and since some are more effective than others, it’s important to understand how each tool functions in a security system and how the effectiveness of these tools can be improved.

How Physical Security Tools Work

As mentioned, there are many different types of physical security. These are tools that are used to prevent unauthorized access to a property. This separates them from other tools, such as alarm systems, which don’t physically keep people out, but that are designed to signal when a crime is underway and to potentially deter criminals from striking.

How Access Control Works

Access control tools allow authorized persons to enter an area while keeping unauthorized persons out. These come in a variety of different types, including several different kinds of doors and gates. Many access control tools use keys, cards, or fobs to allow authorized individuals to access a property.

However, there are potential issues with these systems. For example, visitors and infrequent guests will likely not have key cards or fobs, so their access will need to be handled separately. In addition, it’s important to know that if a key or card is lost or stolen, this may not be noticed right away, and criminals could use these keys to enter a property without being spotted.

How Security Guards Work

Security guards are trained individuals who work on a site with the goal of improving its security. They function in many different ways. Many guards walk their rounds throughout a site, looking for potentially suspicious or dangerous behaviour.

Some guards provide access control, remaining at entrances to a property and ensuring that only authorized persons can enter the area.

Guards may also take on concierge duty, monitor surveillance cameras, conduct patrols on foot or in a vehicle, and perform other duties.

Security Guard Scarcity

Due to the global pandemic and the economic difficulties that followed, many businesses have had difficulties finding enough security guards to properly protect their sites. If you are a business owner in this situation, it makes sense that you want to use CCTV to increase your physical security if possible.

How Video Surveillance Cameras Work

Video surveillance cameras capture what happens at a property. However, what is perhaps even more important than how the footage is captured is when the footage is watched.

In some organizations, security footage is only viewed when there is a problem, such as after a break-in. While using security footage in this way can give you the evidence you need to understand a situation and potentially investigate a crime, it doesn’t necessarily stop the initial incident from occurring.

However, live remote monitoring services involve security agents using cameras to watch over a property 24/7. These agents can spot situations as they develop and intervene (such as through the usage of two-way speaker systems) to stop criminals before they strike.

Improve your Security with CCTV Cameras

If you’re looking to use CCTV cameras to improve your physical security, live monitoring services could be the right choice. When monitoring agents are watching over your property 24/7, they will be able to spot suspicious activity, such as someone lurking around your gates, before that person has a chance to strike.

Monitoring agents can even be responsible for handling access control, parking assignments, concierge services, and much more. For more information on how these tools can improve security at your company, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

We can review your specific security situation and help you understand how using monitored CCTV cameras can improve safety and security at your property.