Remote Gate and Access Control Systems


Why Remote Access Control Could be the Right Choice for your Business

Access control is critical to nearly every business. This is especially true for large sites such as industrial, trucking, and transportation yards. However, while the importance of access control increases at these sites, so does the complexity. It is a big challenge to correctly secure a large site.

Access Control Security System

However, remote access control makes protecting these sites efficient and effective.

The Challenge of Access Control at Truck Yards & Industrial Sites

Before going into the details of why remote access control is a wise choice, it’s important to understand the challenges of securing truck yards, large industrial sites, and other such properties. The first major challenge is potentially the most obvious: These sites are large.

In any property of a substantial size, there are areas where trespassers, vandals, or other criminals can get in or cause trouble. Even if a location only has a single entry point, the sheer size of most truck yards and other properties makes it impossible for gates or guards to stop access entirely. Determined criminals will climb fences or otherwise gain access when they’re not being watched.

Another potential challenge is that large sites typically have many people coming in and out. On a truck yard, for example, there may be drivers employed by the company, third party drivers, customers, delivery vehicles, inspectors, and many other people arriving at the site at various times throughout the day. This means that using keys, key fobs, or cards for access control usually isn’t possible. While contracted drivers can use fobs, visitors and other third parties cannot. Another potential concern with fobs is that there is no way to ensure that the person using the fob is the person to whom it was assigned. If a fob or key card falls into the wrong hands, it could be used before anyone is aware.

A third possible challenge is maintaining a log of who enters and exits the property. If a security guard supervising a gate attempts to make a manual log, either on paper or digitally, this could potentially slow down the whole company. If each person who enters has to have their information recorded in a log book, for example, that means each person has to spend time filling out their information (or having the log filled out for them). This decreases the efficiency of the business.

How Remote Access Control Tools Work

Remote access control tools can solve many of the challenges associated with access control.
What is remote access control? It involves using monitored cameras, speakers, and other remotely-monitored tools to maintain perimeter security and remotely manage gate operations.

When you have live monitored cameras installed at your entrance and throughout your property, you have trained security professionals keeping an eye on your business at all times. When someone pulls up to your gate, the live video will be transmitted to the security staff in real-time. They will be able to verify the person’s identity, ask questions as needed, and determine if the person is authorized to enter the property. This live verification is crucial. Rather than using a fob or even an AI-enabled facial match, having a real person confirm a person’s ID and match it against a list of those who are authorized to access a property, you can ensure that only those who are permitted to enter are allowed on site.

The agent can gather additional information through a two-way conversation as necessary, adding additional safety and security.

The Benefits of Remote Access Control Services

A major benefit of remote access control is that real security agents will be greeting and analyzing each person who attempts to enter a site. This provides a level of security that simply cannot be duplicated with keys, fobs, or swipe cards.

However, because agents are working remotely, all cameras can be watched 24/7. They can view every corner of your business with ease and react as necessary. Getting the same sort of service from traditional on-site security guards can quickly become cost prohibitive.

Remote access control services also record all significant data, and this data can easily be reported back to the client. Every visitor is logged, and video footage accompanies this log. In the event of an issue or concern, all details regarding the situation can easily be reviewed. You won’t just know exactly who entered the property and when, but remote video monitoring services make it possible to also know where every single person went once they entered your property.

For more information on remote access control services or to find out how they can keep your industrial site, truck yard, or other facility secure, please contact us today.