How Perimeter Security Can Improve Your Business Security


Improving Perimeter Security at Your Business

When it comes to protecting your business, perimeter security is important.

What is Perimeter Security and what are the advantages?

It refers to protecting the boundaries of a property. This type of security is clearly important, because the majority of threats to a business start from the outside. If you can protect the boundaries of your business and investigate suspicious behaviour that occurs there before it becomes more serious, you’ll have a much more secure organization.

Improving Perimeter Security at Your Business

However, there are many different ways to improve perimeter security. If you choose the right methods and you implement them correctly, the result will be significantly increased safety and security.

The Challenges of Perimeter Security

To understand the best ways to improve perimeter security, it’s first important to know what challenges exist. This can help you pinpoint what you need to overcome.

The first challenge is that the perimeter of most locations is quite large. This is especially true if you are talking about a truck yard, automotive lot, warehouse, factory, or other similar property. These properties have very large areas and that means there’s a lot to protect.

Trying to maintain effective perimeter protection system using traditional onsite guards, for instance, can be very difficult at a large location. There’s only so much that a security guard can see and only so much ground that they can cover. At any given time, there will likely be areas that are unprotected since guards cannot be in all locations at once.

In addition, there is a limit to what guards can see. If there are unlit areas, or areas that lack effective lighting, criminals can use these to hide. The same is true for trees, bushes, and other potential obstructions. If a criminal can avoid being spotted in one of these areas, they could have enough time to work on breaking through your fence, for example.

Or they could hide out and attack someone who isn’t able to see them. In addition, many criminals strike at night, working under the cover of darkness. Onsite security guards may not notice them.

Another potential challenge is that most large properties have several entry points. There could be a main entrance, side entrances, loading docks, parking garages, pedestrian entrances, and much more.

There could also be other areas that criminals may use as entry points, such as small walls or bushes that could be climbed over, or other landscaped areas where access may be possible. With all of these potential entry points, there is a lot to protect, secure, and watch over.

Types Of Perimeter Security Systems

    1. CCTV Security System
    2. Access control systems
    3. Electrified fences
    4. Motion sensors
    5. Fiber optic detection systems
    6. Electrostatic field disturbance sensors
    7. Microwave barriers
    8. Seismic sensors
    9. Spot vibration sensors

How to Solve Perimeter Security Challenges

Taking a comprehensive look at your overall perimeter alarm system is the key to improving it. Rather than attempting to use different strategies in different areas or to “fill in holes” where security isn’t adequate, it’s better to look at the overall picture. This will ensure that you have strong security at all points and that the system works in a cohesive manner.

An excellent comprehensive perimeter security strategy involves using live remote monitoring. This means installing cameras, two-way speakers, lights, and other sensors around the exterior of your property. The overall system will then be monitored by trained security agents, 24/7.

If anything suspicious occurs, the monitoring team can respond immediately. For example, they can communicate with those on scene using the two-way speaker system, they can activate lights to let criminals know that they are being watched, or they can contact the authorities immediately, before the situation escalates into a crime.

Unlike with security guards, cameras can be installed so that they provide total coverage, 24/7. This lack of blind spots drastically improves security and keeps your location safe. In addition, cameras can capture clear footage even in low-light conditions, so monitoring staff can see exactly what’s happening even in the dark of night. Plus, remote monitoring cameras cannot be intimidated or overwhelmed by criminals.

The remote monitoring agent can even be responsible for access control. Agents can use cameras to verify the identity of anyone who arrives at your property, ask questions as necessary using the two-way speaker system, and only open the gates to those who are authorized to enter.

The result is a strong and effective perimeter security system that works 24/7. For more information on how you can protect your property, and for details on how Birdseye Security can work with you to keep your business safe, please do not hesitate to contact us today.