How Artificial Intelligence Improves Remote Monitoring and Perimeter Security


The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Remote Monitoring and Perimeter Security

There are many reasons to choose remote monitoring services to protect your business. These tools make it possible for remote agents to watch over a property 24/7. This provides much more comprehensive security than alarms and even onsite guard, and it often does this at much more cost-effective rates.

However, in addition to the benefits that currently exist, artificial intelligence (AI) is making remote monitoring systems more powerful. This means that access control, perimeter security, and other monitoring functions are becoming more responsive and more effective than ever before.

Artificial intelligence makes remote monitoring and perimeter security systems more effective. Find out how.

AI assists remote monitoring agents by recognizing trends and situations that are out of the ordinary and drawing attention to them. For instance, if AI is trained that an area typically does not have any movement during certain times, and the system recognizes movement in this area when it should be empty, it will alert the agent.

This allows the agent to recognize the situation quicker and react more effectively. AI can even differentiate between general motion and motion in the form of a person entering the scene. This reduces false alarms.

Reasons to Choose Remote Monitoring for Perimeter Security and More

When it comes to protecting a property, both inside and out, remote monitoring is a powerful choice. One reason is because it is an active tool. When a property is watched over by dedicated monitoring staff, it becomes possible to see situations as they develop and to resolve them before they turn into crimes.

Artificial intelligence aids in this detection. As mentioned, when cameras are layered with AI, technology can be used to detect things that are out of the ordinary, such as movement or lighting changes where there should be no movement or lighting changes.

If unexpected behavior is recognized, the monitoring agent will be notified, and they will be able to interact with the site to resolve the situation.


Being able to intervene in a situation before it becomes a serious crime will save the business time and money.

For instance, if a criminal is stopped while they are lurking around outside a property, this prevents the property damage that could have occurred while they were trying to get in.

Compare this to a typical alarm system that may only be triggered when a gate is breached, or a window is smashed. Even if the alarm deters the criminal, costly damage has already been done.

This is why perimeter security is so important. If agents can detect suspicious behavior and stop it before it escalates into a crime (typically by using lights or two-way speakers to deter criminals), the property remains safe and there is no costly damage to the location.

Eliminating False Alarms

In some situations, the monitoring station will need to contact the police to deal with a crime. When a property is monitored by agents and AI, this means that false alarms won’t be an issue.

With a typical alarm system, there is no one there to verify the situation at the site. If an alarm is triggered (usually by motion), there isn’t any way to confirm that an emergency is actually occurring. This can be an issue, especially with alarm systems that are designed to contact the police directly when there is an incident.

If police do not know whether the situation they’re called to is a real emergency, this will affect their response time. Unfortunately, false alarms are common. They happen frequently with systems that are not monitored. If police are contacted, but they aren’t told that the crime has been verified, they’re likely to believe that it could be a false alarm, and this could cause them to place a lower priority on the call.

When police are called by a live monitoring agent, the agent can give them specific details about the situation. This can help the police prepare and it also confirms that the call is not due to a false alarm. When they know an actual situation is in progress and that criminals are on the scene, they may place a higher priority on the call.

At Birdseye Security, we understand the importance of monitoring and know that layering our systems with artificial intelligence can improve response times and keep properties safe. For more information on our remote monitoring services, please contact us today. Our team will work with you to help you find the right solution to protect your business.