Gate Operations

Gate Operations Video

Birdseye Security Solutions offers remote gate operations that keep truck yards safe and secure. These yards have a number of security risks. One, criminals know that there are valuables at truck yards, so these sites are frequent targets. Keeping criminals out of a property prevents theft and vandalism.

However, remote monitoring services also ensure overall accuracy, safety, compliance, and much more. Using remote gate security reduces damage, vandalism, loss, and it saves time and money.

The Birdseye Security Remote Gate Operations process is as follows:

  • A truck arrives at the yard entry gate. Agents verify and record truck and trailer information
    • This ensures that accurate records are kept regarding every truck and trailer in your fleet. There is no risk of error and no misinterpreting written notes. All information is stored electronically and backed up by video evidence
  • The agent scans vehicle and trailer for potential damage
    • Damaged vehicles aren’t just costly, but they could potentially be dangerous. The sooner damage to a trailer or truck is noted, the sooner it can be repaired, which means the vehicle spends less time off the road.
  • The driver checks in at the Id Verifi Box
    • This system lets agents verify facial matches for government or custom identification, ensuring that only authorized drivers can enter the property. This is significantly more secure than using a fob or key card, which can easily be lost, stolen, or duplicated.
  • Agents remotely print necessary paperwork for the driver
    • All paperwork is easily accessible, legible, and backed up electronically.
    • The printer is located in an access-controlled building adjacent to the gate, for maximum security.
  • Assisted by artificial intelligence (AI), agents log all vehicle, trailer, and driver related information
    • This provides management with all required information about each vehicle and driver that arrives at the gate.
    • The reporting requirements are customizable, so the reports can easily be used with any analytics system
  • Agents inspect seals and/or record seal numbers using specially placed cameras, dedicated to this purpose
    • This not only ensures that all cargo is delivered accurately, but it immediately draws attention to any tampering or damage that may have occurred
    • It is also possible for agents to verify and record whether trailers are empty, with the assistance of the driver
  • Agents direct drivers to a designated parking area in the yard and monitor compliance with those directions
    • Parking management is crucial. Otherwise, drivers could find themselves wandering the lot looking for the right trailer, or accidentally delivering the wrong load. Remote video monitoring ensures compliance and accuracy

The exit process is similar:

  • Trucks arrive at the exit gate
    • Similar to in-gating, agents can verify, log, and report truck, trailer, cargo, and driver-related information
  • Agents operate gates remotely, ensuring no delays in processing
    • Should there be any issues, agents can deny exit. This ensures that no vehicle leaves the lot with damage or without verifying that the correct truck and trailer are used.

Remote access control ensures that truck yards are operating efficiently and safely at all times. Unlike traditional onsite guards, remote monitoring agents can watch a vehicle from the moment it drives up to the gate, while it is parked on site, and as it leaves the property again. This comprehensive service allows agents to proactively respond to any incidents or issues while ensuring safety and accuracy.

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