Remote Facility Management

The Birdseye Solution provides more than just security. While live remote monitoring is certainly an excellent way to prevent theft and vandalism, having such a system set up can also improve your business in many other ways.

With our state-of-the-art security monitoring system in place, Birdseye Agents assist clients with the operations management of their facilities, helping to drive up operational efficiency and eliminate incidents that could negatively impact costs and/or liability.

Trust Birdseye Security to assist your business with:

  • Inspection Enforcement
    • Many different companies need to fully inspect vehicles or equipment regularly. For instance, drivers at truck yards are often required to do detailed inspections both pre-trip and post-trip to make sure they’re safe for the road.
    • With remote video monitoring, agents can use cameras to make sure these inspections are done correctly. If they are not, the remote station can communicate with the site directly to provide guidance and make sure each inspection is completed correctly.
  • Inventory Control
    • Remote monitoring agents can ensure that nothing is misplaced in your organization. They can monitor the arrival of vehicles to your facility, process shipping manifests and bills of materials, ensure that deliveries are sent to the correct locations, supervise the distribution of goods as they move throughout the site, and much more.
  • Parking Management & Enforcement
    • Remote security agents can take responsibility for parking management. When drivers or visitors arrive, agents can assign spots then follow the vehicle using the remote cameras to ensure that the parking assignment is followed correctly. If it is not, they can intervene using two-way speakers.
  • Safety Equipment Enforcement
    • At truck yards, warehouses, industrial sites, and many other properties, wearing correct safety equipment and PPE is important. Live video monitoring agents can ensure that everyone on the site is wearing the required equipment and talk to those directly who are not doing so, correcting their behavior.
  • Incident Prevention
    • Workplace incidents and accidents are one of the primary causes of workplace injury. However, the vast majority of these situations are preventable. Remote security agents can watch your site to ensure that all staff are following protocols and taking the necessary precautions to keep the site safe.
    • Agents can even intervene in situations where accidents could potentially happen, eliminating these near miss scenarios and preventing injuries and damages.
  • Damage Recognition
    • At automotive lots, truck yards, and other such facilities, the chance of a vehicle suffering damage due to inattention, negligence, or other issues does exist. Remote agents who are watching the site can prepare reports whenever such a situation occurs, ensuring that the true details of the situation are known.
    • This not only helps with assigning liability, but it can also give the business the details it needs to potentially change processes or protocols to be safer.
  • And much more
    • With years of experience in remote monitoring, the Birdseye Security Solutions team understands what it takes to not only keep properties secure, but also to keep them safe and running smoothly and efficiently. For more information on how our team can help, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Using Remote Monitoring for Facility Operations Management

There are many significant benefits to using remote monitoring for facility operations management.

The first is cost. Having managers or security staff walking throughout the property 24/7 is costly. Plus, it usually isn’t possible for individuals on site to see everything that is happening at a property, whether they’re doing their rounds throughout the property or are stationed at a specific site.

Monitoring cameras can be positioned so the entire site can be monitored by remote agents. It’s more cost-effective as well as more efficient to have agents monitoring inspections and other such processes than it is to use full-time management staff in these roles.

In addition to providing comprehensive coverage, remote monitoring staff can also compile detailed reports on your site, giving you the information you need to increase safety and efficiency. These reports can be created based on your unique requirements and all reports can be supported by video footage from the onsite cameras.

This not only ensures that you always know what is happening at your business, but the information provided by agents can help you adjust protocols or provide additional staff training as necessary to streamline your business.

For more information on how remote video monitoring can improve efficiency and safety at your organization, and more details on our remote facility operations management services, please contact us today.