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El Paso Video Monitoring Security Solutions

Choosing the right security is important. One of the most effective solutions is live remote monitoring. If you’re looking at different El Paso video monitoring security services, it’s important to understand how these services work.

Remote video monitoring involves using cameras, two-way speakers, sensors, and other tools to make it possible for security agents to remotely watch over an entire property 24/7.

The fact that they can view the entire property at all times is a significant advantage and a feat that is tough to accomplish with other security strategies. For instance, if you have security guards working at your business, they may be able to guard entry points and some guards might also do their rounds throughout a property, but it is incredibly tough for guards to watch over an entire business 24/7.

This is especially true at large properties such as automobile lots, truck yards, warehouses, industrial sites, residential complexes, and other similar locations.

In addition to the fact that guards may not be able to monitor an entire property, there is also the expense of using multiple guards to watch a site. The more security guards you hire, the more it will cost. While effective security is certainly crucial, so is the bottom line.

The good news is that El Paso video monitoring security solutions accomplish both of these goals. By using live video monitoring, your property will be protected and your budget will be respected.

What is Live Monitoring?

Live remote monitoring is a security service that uses high-definition cameras, two-way speakers, and other security tools to allow remote security agents to watch over a property. This service not only makes it possible to view an entire property, but also to interact with the site and work to deter criminals before a crime occurs.

Monitoring cameras will be installed so that agents can see the entire property. This is an advantage over many other security options, such as guards, which cannot view the entire location at once. By monitoring the entire location, agents can spot suspicious behavior such as a person sneaking around outside the gates. They can then react by using lights, two-way voice communication, and other tools.

This lets the criminal know that they are being monitored by security professionals and informs them that the police will be called if they do not leave the scene. In most situations, the criminal will leave rather than risk being caught.

If necessary, the monitoring station can contact the police directly. During this call, the agent can let the police know exactly what is happening at the site in real time.

Remote security agents cannot be intimidated or overwhelmed by criminals, and they do not have to worry for their own safety, so they can speak freely with the authorities. Not only does this mean that police will get detailed information about the crime (so they can prepare), but they will also be certain that the situation is a verified crime in progress.

Unfortunately, many alarm systems are prone to false alarms. If the police receive a call about a verified crime from a live monitoring agent, they are more likely to place a higher priority on the call.

How Live Video Monitoring Works

Being able to react to a situation before it escalates is crucial. When criminals break into a location, they don’t just steal assets or vandalize property, they also cause significant damage just through the act of breaking in. Criminals don’t care about how they leave the scene, they just want to get in and out as quickly as possible.

This means they’ll cut through fences, smash gates, break windows, and do whatever else they need to get into a site. If they can be stopped before they cause any significant damage, your business will save money and you’ll avoid the hassle that comes with making repairs.

When you use an El Paso video monitoring security system, professional agents are watching your site at all times. If they notice any suspicious activity, they can react immediately and intervene to deter the criminal and prevent a crime from happening.

For instance, if agents notice that a person is lurking around outside the gates at your warehouse, they can use lights or communicate through two-way speakers to let the person know that they’re being watched. In most cases, this will cause the person to leave the scene.

In instances where a crime does occur, remote security agents can contact police immediately, as soon as the situation warrants. This not only gives police more time to arrive, but it also verifies that there is a crime in progress.

If police know that there is an active crime happening and that the perpetrators are still on the scene, they may consider the call to be a higher priority.

Comparing El Paso Video Monitoring Security Solutions to Other Methods

As mentioned, the major benefit of remote video monitoring is that agents can respond to situations and resolve them before they escalate into serious crimes. When compared to a standard alarm system, it becomes easy to see why this is important. An alarm won’t stop criminals from striking, it will just let you know when they have.

Another common security solution involves using on-site guards. Like remote monitoring, traditional security guards can investigate and de-escalate situations as they see them. However, as mentioned, guards may not be able to watch over an entire property 24/7.

In addition, security guards can potentially be distracted or even threatened by large groups of criminals or by those armed with weapons. If you choose live remote monitoring, this potential issue is not a problem. Remote agents can respond and deal with criminals in all situations.

If you’re considering live monitoring in El Paso and the area, you’ve likely also looked into other security options. And that makes sense. It’s important to consider all types of security in your quest to find the one that is right for you.

When comparing live remote monitoring to other security types, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Live monitoring is an active security solution. This means that it can be used to spot suspicious situations and that agents can react to prevent these situations from turning into serious crimes. Compare how an agent can work to deter a criminal before they strike with the service provided by an alarm system or unmonitored cameras.
  • These tools aren’t actively watching over a property and they only provide value after a crime has already happened.
  • It’s also important to stress that live monitoring agents can see an entire property at once. Even guards who are walking throughout a property won’t be able to see everything as they make their rounds. At larger properties, it would be incredibly costly to hire enough guards to watch the location, and they would still be unable to see everything at once.
  • Also, another key point is that security monitoring in El Paso and beyond is about more than just preventing crime. Monitoring agents can also be responsible for access control at gates of a large site or at the front desk of a multi-residential property. They can also handle parking management duties and ensure that parking assignments are followed.

Agents can also watch over a property to make sure that staff are following safety precautions and wearing required safety equipment. All of these services help businesses run more efficiently, and stay safer and more secure.

For more information on remote video monitoring and how our El Paso video monitoring security solutions work, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team will work with you and help you find the right security solution for your needs.

Live Remote Video Monitoring El Paso

El Paso Video Monitoring Security

How to Choose Security System Monitoring El Paso and Area

There are many different security options, and this can make it tough for businesses to determine what’s right for them. However, one of the most common requests is security system monitoring in El Paso and the area. This makes sense. There are several significant benefits to using a remote monitoring service.

However, finding not only the right security company but also the right type of surveillance system can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips for getting the security service that is right for you.

The Differences Between Live Security System Monitoring and Other Tools

One important factor to understand right away is that there are many differences between live monitoring and other security services. And these differences matter – a lot.

For example, consider a standard alarm system. These tools are typically considered “passive security” since they usually only respond once a crime has occurred. For instance, many alarms are designed to sound an alert when a sensor is triggered, such as when a window is broken. However, by the time this happens, criminals are already in the process of committing a crime.

Even when an alarm is connected to a central station, it only sounds once a crime has happened. This doesn’t give security teams or police much time to respond and, by the time they do respond, the criminals will likely be long gone.

It’s important to stop criminals before they strike whenever possible since they tend to cause a lot of damage during their crimes. Broken windows, cut fences, smashed gates, and other damage is commonplace during a crime. Making repairs after a break-in is expensive and time consuming.

Unmonitored video cameras have many of the same issues. Since the cameras aren’t being monitored, there is no way for anyone to intervene and stop a situation from escalating. In many cases, you won’t know that a crime has happened until it’s too late. You’ll then have footage of the crime, but you won’t have been able to stop it.

Onsite security guards are a more active type of protection. They can spot questionable situations and respond to them before they potentially turn into crimes. However, there are some limitations to security guards. A main issue is that they can obviously not be everywhere at once. Even if guards are walking throughout the property, there is a good chance that they won’t be able to see everything at once.

Another potential issue is that guards are only human. This means they usually can’t see well at night, that they could be intimidated or overwhelmed by criminals, and that they must rely on their memories or their notes to recall situations.

While obviously no guard can be blamed for being human, these are potential weaknesses that should be considered. The good news is that live security system monitoring can resolve many of these issues.

The Strengths of Live Security System Monitoring

Live remote security is a powerful tool. When surveillance cameras are monitored 24/7, it makes a property safer and more secure. With live security system monitoring, cameras are set up around a property so security professionals can remotely watch the entire property. This has many advantages, including:

  • Agents will be able to see the entire property, which is more than most onsite security guards will see. Plus, security cameras capture clear footage even during low-light conditions, so agents can monitor the situation at night.
  • Remote agents can notice suspicious situations and react to them, stopping potential crimes before they turn into more serious issues. For instance, agents can use two-way speakers to communicate with the site and let it be known that they are watching. This usually deters criminals, limiting property damage and keeping locations safe.
  • Agents can also contact the police as soon as a situation warrants, which drastically increases the chances of police arriving in time to catch the criminals. Plus, since police will be called by an agent who is actively viewing the scene, they’ll know it’s not a false alarm and may give the call a higher priority.
  • Live remote monitoring is often more cost-effective than hiring onsite guards to protect an area – and the level of protection that monitoring provides is often greater.




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