Dealing with Security Guard Scarcity and Other Ways to Solve Security Guard Staffing Shortages


Security guard scarcity is real. How to solve it?

As companies recover from the pandemic, one issue they are finding is that it’s tough to get enough security guards. However, these companies still need to protect their properties. Here are some ways that you can secure your business and improve security at your company.

How to Solve Security Guard Staffing Shortages at Your Business

Security guards are a common way to protect many different properties. However, there are always times when business owners think about their current setup and wonder how to improve security guard service or increase the level of security at their property.

Dealing with Security Guard Scarcity and Other Ways to Solve Sec

This is becoming a critical issue at many businesses recently since there is a growing security guard scarcity in many areas. Due to the pandemic, labor shortages, supply chain issues, the overall economy, and many different reasons, a lot of businesses are having trouble finding enough security guards to protect their companies.

This security staff shortage leads to higher wages, and that means it becomes more costly for companies to stay safe. During these fragile economic times, this can be tough for a company to deal with. With costs rising in many areas of the economy, and the recovery still underway for many businesses, any increase in expenses can potentially be devastating.

Therefore, it makes sense that many organizations are looking for ways to improve their security guard service without increasing costs.

Possible Issues & How to Improve Security Guard Services

While security guards can potentially provide very strong protection, one possible issue is that a large number of guards are needed to protect most properties. This can make securing a site 24/7 a very costly endeavour. As it becomes more expensive to hire guards, this issue becomes more pronounced.

Another issue is that even when there are many guards on site, they often can’t see an entire property at once. Guards typically walk their rounds throughout a site. Criminals who are paying attention can avoid guards or hide in places where they cannot be seen, then strike when the guard isn’t around.

Criminals act quickly and many smash-and-grab-type robberies are over within a few minutes, before a guard can arrive. Even if the criminal isn’t able to steal what they’re looking for, they can cause serious damage to a property. Smashed windows, broken doors, and other such damage is costly and time consuming to repair or replace.

In addition, there is a possibility that criminals could try to threaten or even injure onsite security guards. This is a frightening prospect, but it’s one that is possible. Many criminals will stop at nothing to get what they want, and that can mean taking extreme measures.

These issues, combined with the rising cost of hiring security guards, can leave businesses searching for how to improve security guard service at their properties. Hiring more guards is a possible solution, but it is one that can be very costly, especially in today’s challenging economy.

Alternatives to Traditional Onsite Security Guards

One big benefit to using security guards at a property is that guards are proactive. They can spot suspicious situations and respond to them, potentially deterring criminals from striking. This is different from alarm systems, for example, since alarms usually only sound once a crime is in progress. Stopping a criminal before they have a chance to do any damage is a significant benefit.

However, traditional onsite guards are not the only way to receive this sort of proactive protection. Live remote monitoring services can also spot criminals and stop them before they strike.

With a live remote monitoring system, surveillance cameras and other security tools – including two-way speaker systems – are installed at a property. They are then watched 24/7 by trained security professionals.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

 If these agents notice any suspicious activity, they can quickly act to resolve the issue. For instance, monitoring agents may use the two-way speaker system to communicate with the site, letting the suspicious person know that they are being watched and that the police will be called if they do not leave the scene.

This often deters criminals, since they know police tend to place a priority on calls where an intruder is verified to be on the property.

Live remote monitoring services can also provide access control duties, concierge services, handle parking assignments, and any other duties that would have typically been handled by guards. Plus, agents can see an entire property at once and they can’t be intimidated by criminals.

In most cases, remote monitoring services offer more comprehensive security at a cost that is less expensive than traditional onsite guards.

This is especially true today, in the age of security guard scarcity and increased demand. For more information on live remote monitoring, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.

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