Damage recognition and Reporting

Car crash caught on video – Damage Recognition & Reporting

A driver tried sneaking out of the property, but our agent spotted him immediately. Using Voice Down he warned the driver to come back! While backing up the driver hits the concrete barrier. Our client was informed immediately, and a full report with the footage was sent to him within minutes.

When Birdseye’s security monitoring systems are installed at a facility, Birdseye agents are managing gate access to all vehicles entering and exiting the yard. An essential element of the process is reviewing the state of the vehicle – Damage Recognition.

Assisted by intelligent technology, Agents will log any damage to a vehicle, and notify the driver and/or client according to predetermined protocols, including archiving still photos and/or video footage for future investigation.

Clients have the confidence in knowing that with damage being reported quickly and consistently at every yard check-in, there is a limited risk of drivers’ not taking responsibility for incidents that occurred while they were operating vehicles.

The reduction in “mystery damage” can have a significant beneficial impact on the operating profits of Birdseye clients.

Disclaimer – Birdseye Security Solutions does not condone any criminal activity seen in this video. We are committed to making the world a safer place, so our only goal is to raise awareness and showcase what we do for our clients.