Damage Identification

Damage Identification Video

Birdseye Security Solutions can be responsible for damage identification and reporting at your property. Damage to vehicles, inventory, and property is a huge liability for transportation companies and other businesses. If a truck is damaged, for instance, it may be dangerous to drive. Broken pieces of metal could fall from the truck on the road, or a damaged trailer could open while on a delivery.

This won’t just cause potential damage or loss, but it could also significantly affect the reputation of a transportation company and lead to fines from inspection stations.

By using live remote monitoring for damage identification, you ensure that all vehicles that enter and leave your site are checked for damage. Birdseye Agents identify and report on damage to trucks and trailers as part of standard in/out-gating procedures. Whenever a truck stops at the gates, agents use the high-definition cameras that have been installed for this purpose to do a visual inspection. Damage is noted and recorded.

Spotting damage more quickly means that you can have it repaired more quickly. Not only does this lower the risk of an accident or other incident, but it also gets trucks and trailers back on the road in good condition faster.

Remote Monitoring Helps Clients Track Damage

In addition to simply spotting and reporting damage, Birdseye Agents can also more readily assign damage to the responsible party – whether it be a driver or third-party. This is because cameras can be installed so agents can view the entire property 24/7. With an unmonitored property, if a vehicle is dented or damaged on the lot, this damage usually isn’t noticed for quite some time, unless it’s very serious.

That not only means that a damaged vehicle could potentially be heading out onto the road without anyone being aware of the damage, but it also makes it nearly impossible to determine what happened.

With live remote monitoring from Birdseye Security Solutions, agents can see situations as they develop. For instance, if one vehicle collides with another at a property, agents will notice this as it happens. This means that they won’t just spot the damage early, but they’ll be able to immediately record what happened.

This information can then be passed on to management as requested, with video evidence available to back up the claims. This can be helpful in situations where determining responsibility would be difficult without video, such as collisions that occur in the parking area.

Leveraging the yard interior cameras, Birdseye Agents can also identify when unsafe or negligent behavior results in damage. For instance, if a vehicle was speeding, driving erratically, or not paying proper attention, agents will notice this and be able to report this behavior. The business can then provide additional training as necessary to prevent such situations from occurring in the future.

For more information on live remote monitoring or to speak with our team about how our damage identification services could benefit your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team will be more than happy to work with you and help you improve safety and security at your property.