CR England – Case Study

CR England Video

Accurate Gate Operations reporting is critical to the effective management of a transportation business. It is important to know when equipment is arriving and leaving, with whom and in what condition.  

Initially, CR England partnered with Birdseye as a means to achieve cost savings compared to the onsite security guards that were in place prior to Birdseye’s deployment.  Very quickly, the team realized that the true value of the deployment was strictly cost savings.  It was the improved accuracy and timeliness of reporting made possible by the Birdseye remote agents.  

With the monitoring equipment in place, and assisted by AI technology, the agents were able to provide better and more timely information to CR England, not only about their own equipment, but about third-party operators, vendors, visitors and even employees coming into and departing from CR England facilities. 

Agents are also capable of identifying and intervening in safety issues they observe on the yard. All of these situations are reported to the compliance team at CR England – whether or not they actually resulted in injury or property damage.