Construction SITE Surveillance Systems


Construction Site CCTV Monitoring & More: Protecting your Site

Construction site security is important. Unfortunately, there are many challenges associated with protecting these environments. Construction sites are temporary, and they tend to change frequently, which creates difficulties. It can sometimes be tough to find the right solution to protect them.

However, if you find the appropriate construction surveillance systems, you will be able to secure these properties. It’s very important, however, to choose the appropriate system for your particular site.

Construction Site Security

To understand which option is right for you, it’s crucial to look at the challenges associated with construction site security and then find a solution that can work effectively in these conditions.

Construction Site Security Challenges

There are several aspects that make construction sites difficult to secure.

  • Construction sites by their very nature are temporary. They only exist for a short time and they change frequently while construction is underway. This means that installing permanent security tools often isn’t feasible.
  • Sites must be protected 24/7. Construction sites are outdoors and they require around the clock protection in all weather conditions.
  • Not only do sites contain valuables, but they also contain large machinery and other moving parts that can cause injury. They also need to be protected from fire and other possible incidents.
  • Many construction sites lack walls to which cameras can be installed. They may also lack consistent electricity and internet services.

All of these challenges need to be taken into consideration when choosing a security system. One method that is effective despite all these issues is remote video monitoring.

Choosing Mobile Construction Site CCTV Monitoring

Remote construction surveillance systems can provide strong protection from theft, vandalism, fires, health and safety incidents, and more. They address many of the flaws associated with other security systems.

  • Mobile security cameras can be installed on poles, roofs, or other locations depending on the site.
  • The high-definition cameras can capture clear footage, even at night as well as in all weather conditions. Agents will monitor cameras and all other sensors 24/7.
  • Monitoring agents will watch for security risks, suspicious activity, fires, and other issues anywhere on the property. Cameras can be installed so they cover 100% of the site at all times. This sort of coverage cannot reasonably be achieved using security guards.
  • Mobile security trailers are entirely self sufficient and do not need to be connected to a power grid. All cameras and other security tools can utilize mobile internet in places where broadband internet is not a stable option.

A mobile construction site CCTV monitoring system includes more than just cameras. These systems also use two-way speakers, temperature sensors, and other tools to provide comprehensive security coverage. Plus, camera systems utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to see and track situations with more accuracy than the human eye.

How Mobile Construction Surveillance Systems Work

One major advantage to mobile remote monitoring is that these tools can provide security coverage to an entire construction site. While onsite security guards can often be stationed at entry points and many walk throughout properties looking for issues, it simply isn’t possible for guards to monitor an entire construction site 24 hours a day. With remote construction surveillance systems, cameras can be located so that they provide complete coverage.

Monitoring agents are then able to view the entire property at once. This not only lets them see everything that’s happening at the site, but it also allows them to get a full picture of the property at all times and to analyze situations as they develop. In the event of a crime or other suspicious situation, agents can communicate with the site by using two-way speakers or they can contact the police if necessary.

When the police are called, agents can give them detailed information about what’s happening at the scene in real time. This not only helps the police prepare their response, but it can also encourage them to arrive at the scene sooner since the situation is verified to be happening right now.

For more information on mobile construction site CCTV monitoring and how our team can help protect your property, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our dedicated team is ready to work with you and help you find the right security solution for your construction site.