Choosing the right CCTV Surveillance Company


Finding a CCTV Surveillance Company for your Business

When it comes to protecting your business, a CCTV surveillance company can provide you with incredibly strong security. However, it’s important to choose the right provider and the right technology.

Finding a CCTV Surveillance Company for your Business

The most important thing to understand is that not all video surveillance cameras are created equal. This doesn’t refer to the quality of the cameras so much as it refers to the way they are used. Some CCTV cameras are unmonitored. This means that they record footage, but that no one views the footage live. This can be a significant security risk. If footage isn’t viewed as it’s happening, then it doesn’t prevent crimes. It merely records crimes as evidence.

CCTV cameras can be monitored by security guards onsite, but this method also has its challenges. One significant one is cost. Security guard services can be quite costly. If a company hires guards, they don’t usually want to have them focused entirely on watching surveillance camera monitors.

They’ll be expected to perform other duties as well. For instance, guards typically also walk throughout the property to make their rounds and, if they notice anything while walking around or while watching the monitors, they go to the scene to respond. This can potentially leave the security desk unmonitored and that includes the cameras.

Live remote monitoring is the solution to many of the possible challenges that come with unmonitored cameras and security guards. 

Why Choose Monitored CCTV Surveillance

Choosing a live CCTV surveillance company to protect your property is a beneficial and cost-effective solution. Monitored video monitoring works because security agents can watch every inch of your property at all times. Cameras can be positioned so that it’s easy to see the entire property and they feature pan, tilt, and zoom functionality (PTZ) to let agents see everything that’s happening. This 24/7 surveillance means that security professionals will always know what’s happening at your property, no matter what.

This sort of system accomplishes more than just noticing crimes. Remote video monitoring agents will watch your property at all times, so they will spot suspicious behavior as well and can act before it escalates. If they see someone circling around the perimeter, for example, they will watch this person to see what they’re doing.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

If it appears that they are looking for an opening or waiting for a chance to strike, agents can communicate with them directly through two-way speakers. If a potential criminal knows that they’re being watched and that security agents will take additional actions if they don’t leave the scene, this will deter them from striking.

If the situation escalates and the person attempts a break-in, remote security agents can contact security guards or police immediately. Not only will this call let police know that a verified crime is happening (as opposed to a false alarm), but it will also give the authorities more time to arrive on the scene, increasing the likelihood that they’ll show up while the criminal is still around.

When compared to alarm systems or even on-site security guards, the advantages of using a monitored CCTV surveillance company are significant. 

  • Monitoring agents can respond to situations before they become crimes. This is not possible with a standard alarm system
  • Since agents are actively watching the surveillance cameras, if they contact police about a crime, the crime is a verified emergency and not a potential false alarm
  • Guards can only watch so much of a property at once. If a security guard has to leave their position to respond to a situation, they potentially leave other parts of the property vulnerable. Security cameras can always watch over the entire site and remote agents can deal with situations while still monitoring the rest of the property.
  • Monitoring agents cannot be intimidated or overwhelmed by criminals. There are unfortunately occasions where security guards can be distracted or even threatened or harmed by criminals. 
  • Agents can also take responsibility for access control, parking management, and protocol enforcement in addition to watching for criminal activity. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to keep a property safe and running efficiently.

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