How To Select Security Camera with Audio Recording

Finding the Right Security Camera with Audio Recording

There are many different security cameras out there, with many different functions, features, and abilities. That can make it tough to figure out which sort of camera you need and what the best application for your camera may be. One option that many consider is security cameras with audio recording.

Choosing a Security Camera with Audio Recording

There are several reasons why you may want to record audio at a site. In some cases, audio can provide a lot of information. For instance, the sound of breaking glass can let you know that a window was broken even if you can’t see it happen. You may also want to hear what people are saying in your recordings as this can give you additional context.

Types of Cameras with Audio Options

As mentioned, there is a wide variety of different cameras with different functions. If you’re looking for a security camera with audio recording, it’s important to think of how the camera will be used before you look at the available options. That’s because certain cameras may work better in certain situations. 

For instance, there are some cameras that can record audio, but that do not offer two-way voice capabilities. These can be useful for gathering information, but they won’t let you act to deter crime by speaking with the site. You also won’t be able to provide the site with any information.

For this to happen, you’ll want to have a camera that has two-way voice capabilities. With this sort of setup, you can communicate with the site. For instance, if you notice suspicious activity, you can let the person know that they are being watched and that police will be called. You can also provide information to delivery drivers, visitors, and anyone else on the site. 

However, an important thing to remember is how the cameras will be used and when they will be watched. Even if you are utilizing a security camera with audio recording, there is still a very good chance that criminal activity can happen, unless you have someone watching the cameras at all times.

This is because most alarms and motion detectors only spot crime once it has already started. For instance, you may get an alert when someone tries to open the front door to your business, and this might cause you to check your cameras. However, by the time you do, the crime will already be underway. Criminals move quickly.

In most cases, they’re able to get in and out of a property in only a few minutes. Therefore, the best hope you have for stopping them is to deter them before they can strike. This involves detecting potential crimes before they happen. 

Live Monitoring is More Powerful Than Security Camera with Audio Recording

Live remote monitoring involves using cameras that are watched by remote security staff 24/7. This means they can spot suspicious or potentially dangerous situations and work to resolve them before they turn into crimes.

Live remote monitoring systems also use two-way speakers.

If agents spot someone where they shouldn’t be, they can let the person know that the system is being monitored live and that police will be called if they do not leave the scene immediately. Remote live monitoring systems can catch criminals before they strike, no matter when it may be since they are always watching over the property. 

This eliminates delays. For instance, when cameras are not monitored live, you need to wait until a motion sensor or other tool alerts the monitoring station (or the individual watching the camera). They will then have to react. This takes precious time and criminals use this time to get away with their crimes.

Live monitoring agents can also interact with the site in other ways. They can take responsibility for access control, ensuring that only authorized persons can enter the site, they can watch the site to make sure procedures and protocols are followed, then can assign parking spaces (and verify that these assignments are followed), and much more.

For more information on live remote monitoring, how it compares to a security camera with audio recording, and details on how it can help secure your business, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.