Bison Transport – Case Study

Bison Transport Video

Despite being initially skeptical about removing onsite security, Bison Transportation gave Birdseye a chance at one of their larger yards.

Deployment included the installation of cameras and speaker system, as well as automate gate equipment and Id-Verifi System for managing authorized Gate Access. Once installed Birdseye took over security oversight and gate operations at the yard.

The quality of service was second to none. Authorized access is strictly controlled, with auditable records of who was granted access – and whether they were one the authorized list, or were granted one-time permission from a Bison staff member.

The yard perimeter and interior are monitored 24x7x365. In addition to vigilantly guarding against intruders, Birdseye agents monitor the yard interior for potential safety issues. Should the agent observe unsafe behaviour, they will intervene before it leads to an issue. This includes the possibility for equipment or property damage due to carelessness in vehicle operation or parking of trailers.

With the success of the initial yard deployment, Bison has now expanded use of Birdseye services across the country. In fact, even in situations where Bison is a long-term tenant in yards they do not own, there have been instances where they have asked Birdseye to install monitoring equipment to address repeated issues of inventory theft and equipment vandalism.

The Bison management team is very pleased with their Birdseye Security implementation. They have improved yard security, made gate operations more efficient, and increased the quality and timeliness of yard-related reporting without having to spend more on their security and operations services. And, there have been some surprising cost savings – in terms of reduced “mystery damage” claims due to better quality and more complete yard oversight.