Alternatives to Security Guard Companies in Miami


Security Guard Companies in Miami and the Other Available Options

Security is important. When criminals break into a property, they usually cause serious damage. They break through windows, smash down gates, and destroy doors – and that’s even before they actually steal anything!

There are many options for security, including security guard companies in Miami. Which is right for your property? We can help you make that decision.

This is why it’s important to take steps to keep your property safe. As a result, many business owners and property managers find themselves searching for security guard companies in Miami.

There are many benefits to security guards. One of the most obvious is that they can be active on a site to stop crime. Think about an alarm system. It can alert you to a crime that is already in progress, but it can’t see what’s happening at your property and, therefore, it can’t react to prevent crimes.

Typically, alarms respond when a sensor is activated, such as when a window is broken or a door is opened. However, by the time the alarm sounds, criminals are already on the scene and the crime is underway. This means damage has already been done.

Security guards can spot suspicious activity before it turns into a crime. For example, they can see someone lurking around outside the building with a crowbar and stop them before they use the crowbar to break through your fence. This prevents the crime from happening and limits the amount of damage done to your property.

However, security guards have limitations. One major one is that they can’t be everywhere at once. No matter how many guards are on a site, there will be areas that they can’t be watching. In addition, the more guards you hire, the more it will cost, and there’s still a very good chance that many spots won’t be protected at all times.

This becomes an even bigger potential issue when you recognize that security guards have difficulty seeing in the dark. Criminals know this and they often wait until nighttime to strike so they won’t be noticed.

Due to these potential limitations, it’s a good idea to look into some alternatives to security guard companies in Miami if you want to keep your business safe. One of these alternatives is live remote monitoring services.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

Understanding Live Remote Monitoring Services

Live remote monitoring involves installing cameras at a site that are positioned so remote security professionals can get a full view of the entire property. This means that your site will be monitored 24/7. If the agents notice any suspicious behavior or potential criminal activity, they can respond by using lights or two-way speakers to let the criminal know that they are being watched.

When criminals realize they can be seen, and that police will be called if they do not leave the site, most will quickly try to make an escape.

If the security agents need to call the police, they can give them all the important details about the situation. Not only will this help Miami police prepare to handle the crime, but it will also let them know that there is an active crime in progress. Unfortunately, with many alarm systems, false alarms are common.

This means that police may place a lower priority on calls if there isn’t a verified alarm. When a remote monitoring agent contacts them and lets them know that they can see a crime in progress, police will likely consider the situation to be a higher priority.

In addition, high-definition security cameras can capture clear video even in low-light conditions. This means that criminals won’t be able to hide at night, which they may be able to do at a property that is only protected by security guards.

Monitored surveillance cameras and live video monitoring are powerful tools. When your location is watched over at all times, safety and security is significantly improved. For more information on how these tools can keep a property safe, please do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. Our experienced team knows what it takes to protect people and property.

We are a North American leader in remote monitoring and facility supervision. Rather than only searching for security guard companies in Miami, talk to our team about how remote monitoring may be the right choice for you.