North American Leader in Video Monitoring and Facility Supervision

Birdseye Security Solutions is one of the leading providers of remote monitoring and operations management solutions in North America. Birdseye clients can count on us to deliver value in three key areas: Security, Operations Management support, and Facility Protocol Enforcement.

Our Maximum Telepresence Approach™ combines intelligent use of technology with professionally trained remote agents, to detect and deter potential theft, vandalism, accidents, or other incidents for our clients. We enable our clients to not only reduce the risk (and cost) of potential incidents, but also improve the efficiency of their operations.

In most circumstances, the Birdseye Security Solution is proven to reduce our clients overall spending on security and surveillance in comparison to onsite security guards.


In 2005, we looked for better ways to improve productivity and security for our growing computer company. While travelling between various parts of our retail business, we realized it was difficult for managers to keep tabs on everything, everyone, everywhere – especially when not physically present.

Our merchandise would be misplaced or go missing, while overall staff efficiency would drop significantly with the lack of supervision. Hiring more supervisors wasn’t in the budget and highlighted the need for a different, more radical solution, giving birth to our Facility Optimization System concept.

Cameras were installed at various locations and initially monitored by management. Data was collected and used to improve security and operations – with dramatic results.

Knowing each interaction with the customers was observed and recorded, representatives delivered better customer service, sales went up, shrinkage significantly decreased, and costs went down.

From this inspired beginning, and after several years of infrastructure development, rigorous field testing and proof of concept testing, 2012 marked the official launch of the Birdseye Security Solutions offerings to customers.

With offices in Chicago and Toronto, and clients across the United States and Canada, we globally employ over three hundred and fifty employees, delivering remote security and facility management services.

Our Core Values

At Birdseye, we pride ourselves on having a strong commitment to customer service and excellence in everything we do. We’ve centred our core philosophy around the idea of striving to be the best in everything we do. Our corporate culture revolves around our “ICARE” philosophy.

Birdseye Solutions iCare Core Values

Birdseye Icare Value